Commend Bergnovinaia

Commend Bergnovinaia
A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Bergnovinaia

Proposed by: Unibotian WA Mission

Description: The WA,

UNDERSTANDING that Bergnovinaia authored GA#65, “Biological Weapons Conference”, which authorized a widespread member nation disarmament of biological weapons to aid in efforts for international peace;

NOTING the sheer number of human casualties that were prevented with the adoption of the aforementioned resolution which is all due to the commitment and determination of the Bergnovinaian delegation;

CELEBRATING their creation and continued funding of the International Bureau of Lawyers (IBL), which united attorneys from twenty-two different countries with a range of specialities including criminal and international as well as corporate and transnational corporate law to represent those – in domestic and international courts such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) – who otherwise did not have a decent legal representation at their defense;

FURTHER CELEBRATING the nominee’s creation and leadership of the Nuclear Arms Assembly (NAA), a --now dissolved-- body of member nations committed to:
• The non-proliferation of nuclear weapons;
• Humanitarian support (particularly for radiological and nuclear disasters);
• A reduction of nuclear warfare;
• Peaceful mediation and peacekeeping;
• Replacing outdated nuclear technology;
• The education of nuclear technicians;

ACKNOWLEDGING that the NAA, in its prime contained sixty-two powerful member nations, and was a guiding peacekeeping and humanitarian force in international incidents including:
• The evacuation, and recovery of the Southern Province of Pan-freeland after civil turmoil in the fledgling nation had caused a nuclear war;
• Mediation in a successful peace conference between the following WA member nations… Jlop, Juthra, Kriania and Almaniania, that resulted in a total nuclear disarmament between the involved parties and a peaceful resolution;
• The successful resistance of an Orlkjestadi invasion of Slaytesics, a WA member nation;
• An engagement of heavy economic sanctions and war against Southern United Africa, for their barbaric history of chemical warfare;
• The diplomatic arbitration in a conflict between Chezovolvia and Sunkistodia, while aiding in the containment of the disease which instigated the conflict;
• Support for Seculartopia, by constructing temporary barriers around the southern end of the Sagan River Bank – thus protecting citizens from radiological contamination and flooding;

BELIEVING that while the NAA may have recently dissolved because of inactivity – the spirit and the contributions of an international actor like the NAA or a state-actor like Bergnovinaia, deserve to be immortalized for future generations to find inspiration from;

With consideration to the renowned contributions of the NAA and Bergnovinaia to world peace and wellbeing in addition to their assitance of those in need,


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“Commend Bergnovinaia” was passed 3,872 votes to 1,463.