Commend Evil Wolf

The Security Council,

Aware that Evil Wolf has a checkered past that includes raiding countless regions,

Notes that raiding nations are typically not commended by this august body,

However concedes that the good done by Evil Wolf merits commendation,

Lists these good deeds as the following:[ul]

[li] In 2006-2007, as Killer Kitty, Evil Wolf served two legal terms as the elected “King” of Lazarus. They fought off several invasions and coup attempts, including one by Durkadurkiranistan II, a nation condemned by this body, in 2007 in which they traded the Delegate seat several times over a few weeks.

[li] In 2009, as Anarchy Wolf/Evil Wolf, they organized, planned, and led a counter-coup against Wickedly Evil People in The West Pacific, which had previously launched a coup of the Democratic government and instated a dictatorship. Rolheath was put in as Delegate and they then restored the a stable government to the region. The raid involved about 80-100 raiders from the now defunct “The Commonwealth” super alliance.

[li] In 2010, as Blue Wolf II, while Vice Delegate of The North Pacific, Evil Wolf seized the Delegacy from Durkadurkiranistan II, aka JAL, which had illegally seized the position and banned over 1,500 nations in 17 days.

In 2012, as Blue Wolf II, as Elected Delegate of TNP Evil Wolf restarted The North Pacific Army and selected the then untested and unknown McMasterdonia as their Minister of Defense. McMasterdonia has since proven to be an incredible asset to TNP, serving multiple times as its Delegate.

[li] In 2013, as Blue Wolf II, serving as Acting Delegate and elected Vice Delegate, Evil Wolf helped uncover a United Defenders League spy, Ravania, which was passing on North Pacific Army mission information to the UDL High Command. This later lead to an abrupt end in TNP-UDL relations and Ravania being found Guilty on the charge of Espionage.[/li][/ul]

In 2014 Evil Wolf obtained the password to Nazi Europe from German Dragons and organized a raid against it. This lead to its direct destruction and refounding.

Awed by the amount of commendable acts done by this great nation,

Hereby Commends The Hostis Humani Generis of Evil Wolf

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Evil Wolf was passed 6,985 votes to 4,982.