Commend Gay

The World Assembly,

Observing the duty of this esteemed Assembly to recognize the achievements of nations and regions that have made outstanding contributions to the international community and made exceptional achievements,

Noting that Gay has campaigned for and protected LGBTQ+ rights for over 14 years,

Admiring Gay’s status as a Defender Region, a position that they have held since their inception, and their constant quest to help fight off raiders from fellow regions, which can be seen from their membership in the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA)- an alliance that had served to protect founderless regions from the tyranny of raider organizations for over 10 years,

Recognizing that Gay has managed to maintain a significant number of member nations since 2007, estimated at holding between 90-300 member nations, an amazing achievement for any region to hold, much less a region that has extremely bold and progressive ideology like Gay,

Applauding Gay for being the first region to have championed for and supported LGBTQ+ rights, and also for being the first region to have a regional constitution that supported the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQ+ community, and nations which are Pro-LGBTQ+,

Humbled by the fact that Gay drafted and pushed through the first resolution in international law regarding LGBTQ+ Rights, titled ‘Gay Rights’, a resolution that was among the first resolutions ever authored, and is, in fact, a historical resolution- written and passed before the creation of the current World Assembly,

Impressed by Gay’s unwavering commitment to its member states and population in spite of resistance from other nations and regions that do not condone the safety and rights of LGBTQ+ nations,

Further Impressed by Gay’s resilience to raider organizations, who have never succeeded in annexing it, in spite of Gay being a major target for raider groups and its position as a defender region and FRA member,

Aware that Gay also provides a welcoming environment for non-LGBTQ+ nations, and does not discriminate against any orientation, race, and background, a fact that further re-affirms Gay’s welcome and cheerful environment that seeks to improve world peace and welfare,

Furthermore Aware that Gay’s tireless and selfless quest to champion for the rights of a minority group and be an active defender region at the same time- whilst fighting off hostility and opposition from multiple sides- constitutes achievement and contribution that is not expected of a normal region, and therefore provides merit for Gay to be granted the honor of a Commendation,

Hereby Commends Gay for outstanding performance and resilience in the name of human rights and international peace.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

“Commend Gay” was defeated 8,150 votes to 7,260.