Commend Gay

The Security Council:

Recognizing Gay as the largest and oldest extant region that offers a home and safe haven explicitly for LGBTQ+ people, and which has tirelessly advocated for the acceptance of LGBTQ+ people and for LGBTQ+ rights;

Acknowledging that, like most communities, Gay has had to constantly work toward greater inclusivity and intersectionality, having once limited involvement in the community and government of the region based on military alignment;

Applauding Gay’s recent decision to constitutionally mandate the region’s military neutrality, to explicitly reject discrimination based on military alignment, and to ensure that all LGBTQ+ people can participate in the regional community and government regardless of alignment;

Celebrating Gay’s history of LGBTQ+ advocacy, dating back to regional support for NSUN Resolution #12, entitled “Gay Rights,” among the earliest international legislation to address the rights of LGBTQ+ people;

Praising Gay’s commitment to opposing intolerance and bigotry against LGBTQ+ people not only by condemning such behavior, but also by offering educational resources to encourage greater understanding of LGBTQ+ people and the issues they face;

Honoring Gay’s history as a defender region and the region’s participation in the defense of vulnerable regions against unjust invasion as a member region of the now-defunct Founderless Regions Alliance;

Lauding Gay for remaining committed to the protection of LGBTQ+ related regions and, according to Gay’s regional constitution, continuing to take “an active interest in their well-being and continued flourishing”;

Congratulating Gay for its storied history as the premier LGBTQ+ region in the world, and for remaining committed to progressive reform and growth so that it may better fulfill its mission to promote LGBTQ+ acceptance and the rights of LGBTQ+ people;

Hereby Commends Gay.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Gay was passed 15,116 votes to 3,774.