Commend Harmoneia

The Security Council,

Believing that dedication and contribution to the success of communities is an act that fulfills the Security Council’s goals of promoting international goodwill and peace, and that nations that achieve that aim are deserving of commendation,

Acknowledging that the nation of Harmoneia has a storied history of dedication and contribution to the region of Lazarus, that the region was the original region were new nations reformed after ceasing to exist, and that Harmoneia’s efforts there include, but are by no means limited to:[ul]

[li] Being a member of the regional community for over eight years at the time of this resolution’s writing,

[li] Serving as the region’s WA Delegate five times, which is more than any other nation in Lazarene history,

[li] Spearheading the efforts as WA Delegate in 2005 that led to Lazarus achieving regional forum activity records that stood until 2013, which is significant because it is an accomplishment that starkly contrasted the previous status quo of inactivity in Lazarus, and showed the potential for life in the “region of revival”,

[li] Serving as the community’s administrator on all three of its historical forums, and thus being responsible for maintaining and preserving a core home to Lazarus’ community,

[li] Contributing to the preservation of Lazarus’s 10-year history by maintaining the forums and recording information in descriptive accounts that detail the region’s past,

[li] Being a co-founding member state of the modern government of Lazarus, the People’s Republic, which has been responsible for setting hitherto unseen levels of success for Lazarus in the fields of cultural, military, political, and legislative activity,[/li][/ul]

Realizing that Harmoneia’s contributions and activities extend beyond Lazarus, and that Harmoneia created the region of Jethnea, a region that at one point had over 300 nations,

Noting that that Jethnea is a founding member of the Founderless Regions Alliance, which is an organization whose member states have been been previously commended by the Security Council for their activities in defense of the world’s regions,

Appreciating Harmoneia’s long career of defending regions against invasions, and the nation’s service in organizations such as the Founderless Regions Alliance (“FRA”), the United Defenders League (“UDL”), and the Lazarene Liberation Army (“LLA”),

Affirming that the above stated actions constitute dedication and contribution to the success of communities both big and small in the world,

Hereby Commends Harmoneia.

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Commend Harmoneia was passed 8,095 votes to 1,932.