Commend Hell

The Security Council,

Aware of the irony,

Recognizing that the founding nation of Hell, SATAN, no longer exists,

Recalling that in similar situations, regional communities usually displace and sometimes disband,

Indicating Hell as a particularly bright exception to the aforementioned rule,

Applauding the unique model used by Hell’s native community to protect themselves from invasion while still accepting newcomers,

Noting that the native community requires newcomers to pass a series of tests while residing in its sister region, Underworld,

Further noting that nations in Hell are required to hold membership in the WA, and that the pathway to enter Hell is changed before and after new nation(s) are provided prearranged entry,

Observing that Hell has its own regional publication named “Hell’s Bells”, which is driven by native nations’ submissions to the publication and helps keep the region alive,

Amazed by the founderless community’s exceptional tolerance of nations with diverse backgrounds, both within and outside of their community,

Praising the Hell community for its extraordinary resolve in enduring hardship, and its strive in protecting itself from invaders,

Encouraging other regions and communities to look to Hell as a role model when under the threat of displacement and invasion,

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

The Security Council resolution Commend Hell was passed 9,673 votes to 8,303.