Commend Jutsa

The Security Council,
AWARE of the complex, constantly changing situations faced by national decision-makers, and the myriad of effects such situations have on national and international affairs;
ASSERTING that the importance of these issues commands the highest degree of linguistic skill and fortitude from entities involved in their portrayal to countless governing bodies;
Jutsa, through thoughtfully planned data-sharing operations, has provided decision-makers in multitudes of jurisdictions with information concerning no less than fourteen separate matters, covering a wide range of topics, including:

• A high-profile firearms heist, as presented in No Lock, No Gun Stock, And No Smoking Barrels;• The nature of product trademarks, as presented in A Cola by Any Other Name;• Voting interference, as presented in En Bloc;• Sustainable logging practices as it relates to international trade, as presented in Ebony Pride;• The viability of international environmental legislation, as presented in Pulling Out; and• The ramifications of a drugged water supply, as presented in Of Mice And Meth;

RECOGNIZING FURTHER that Jutsa has, on at-least two occasions, collaborated with other nations, including
Australian rePublic and
Yotongrek, to ensure information of significance was transmitted to decision-makers in an innumerable number of nations;
OBSERVING that Jutsa, through its involvement in international discussion outlets, has also shown tremendous leadership in documenting hundreds of issues of national importance for the purposes of comparison, study, and that such documentation is of great benefit to the international community;
COGNIZANT of Jutsa’s involvement in other projects of significance, such as NSIndex, where the nation has participated in the recording of significant issues, General Assembly resolutions, Security Council resolutions, and other historical legislation;
NOTING Jutsa’s positive presence in regional bureaucracy in areas such as the Ministry of Education of The East Pacific, where the nation is known to have been involved by means of
Jutomi, an affiliate administration;
CERTAIN that Jutsa, through its great determination and tireless efforts, has vastly improved the means and the ability of key decision-makers the multiverse over to respond to issues of national importance; and
BELIEVING such an accomplishment is too great to ignore;
Hereby commends

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