Commend Krulltopia

The Security Council,

Recognizing The Supreme Bunnyness of KrulltopiaThe Supreme Bunnyness of Krulltopia as the current World Assembly Delegate of The Pacific and Emperor of the New Pacific Order (NPO), the governing body of The Pacific;

Noting that Krulltopia has reigned in The Pacific for well over three years after being appointed to the position of Delegate by the previous Emperor of the New Pacific Order, Moo-Cows with Guns;

Further Noting that, over the course of those three plus years, Krulltopia has worked tirelessly and meticulously with only the aid of a few, very close allies to maintain the flawless security and stability of The Pacific, while promoting the safety of the other Pacific regions;

Acknowledging, as an example of the aforementioned dedication to regional security, Krulltopia’s exposure of former Balder Delegate, The Grand Duchy of LuxembourgThe Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, when the nation was found to have infiltrated and gained control of assets owned by Balder’s former Vice Delegate, The Narnian Fox Lord of FotarThe Narnian Fox Lord of Fotar, and planned to use these stolen assets to assume complete control of Balder’s forums, usurp and cripple the nation of Fotar, and forcibly take control of the entire region of Balder;

Understanding that this exposure of Luxembourg’s corruption allowed the nation’s scheme to be halted preemptively before any significant damage could be done to Balder and to the nation of Fotar;

Further Recognizing Krulltopia as the first Pacific Delegate to ban the obsolete and disruptive practice of Regional Message Board (RMB) advertising, a decision which encouraged other Pacific governments to follow suit, resulting in encouraged international interaction within the Pacific regions;

Observing that Krulltopia has been an active member of The Pacific’s community and government for over eight years, working tirelessly to advance The Pacific in every aspect found in lines with regional culture and tradition;

Further Acknowledging the strong stands The Pacific has taken against regions that follow hateful ideologies, such as The Greater German Reich, under Krulltopia’s leadership;

Believing Krulltopia has performed spectacularly in the position of NPO Emperor and Delegate of The Pacific, preserving The Pacific as a bastion of stability, expanding the tight-knit NPO community, and rebuilding many of the formerly cherished features of the region’s government such as the Pacific Army, Pacific News Network, and the Peoples’ Congress;

Conceding that, while regional autocracies and meritocracies are not popular outside The Pacific, this system, which is now faithfully maintained and honoured by Krulltopia, has lasted in the region since antiquity, and is accepted and supported by all loyal and devoted denizens;"

Deeming Krulltopia’s enlightened leadership to be worthy of international and interregional appreciation;

Hereby Commends: The Supreme Bunnyness of KrulltopiaThe Supreme Bunnyness of Krulltopia.

Against. If anything, he should be condemned :p.

The Security Council is a new innovation (since I faded away four year ago). I’m not sure I appreciate the importance of the group, nor the importance of this certificate of appreciation. I remember Krulltopia and the government of The Pacific. (Not my cup of tea.) There are others who have ruled regions for long periods of time. Have they been similarly honored?

Just curious.


Yes, Fudge is a great example. I can pull up the proposal if you would like.

Anyway, Aye

Aye, Krull was very patient with me when i emerged in the Pacific. Hes a pretty chill laid back dude.


Yes. Yes, yes. Yes.

Kandarin is another good example. A lot of delegates that became faces of regions end up getting one. We should develop one for Loop.

I looked back at the many commending and condemning resolutions in the Security Council, along with many resolutions to repeal the very same commending and condemning resolutions.

I gather some nations have a lot of free time. Glad to see that both Todd and Kandarin have been commended. I agree one should be developed for Loop.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Commend Krulltopia

This resolution is now up fot vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Krulltopia was passed 9,833 votes to 2,640.