Commend Lyras

The Security Council,
Acknowledging the current system of government under which the Lyran people live to be that of a true stratocracy, though also citing that such is not a military junta.
Recognizing the Protectorate of Lyras as the progenitor of Lyran Arms; a global economics and trade powerhouse that has set the standard for custom-made military technology and weaponry worldwide.
Distinguishing Lyran Arms as one of the most successful warfare equipment manufacturers to premier upon the world in recent years; a subordinate corporation to the Executive Command Staff of the Lyran Protectorate that “aims to bring nations the choice of cutting-edge modern-tech military hardware and establish permanent harmony between nations”.
Noting the efforts of the Protectorate of Lyras to establish the aforementioned “permanent harmony between nations” whilst undertaking the promulgation of the Castlegate Declaration; a doctrine which the nation holds dear in its stout denunciation of slavery and its views of abhorrence towards the trade of human lives.
Applauding the philosophical propositions of a Lyran State, namely ones that are geared towards the mentorship of newer nations, recognizing startup nations as equals rather than as lesser peoples.
Awed at the Protectorate’s usage of the Lyran Covenant alliance, an alliance that included nations such as Imbrinium and Morrdh, and the coining of the term “peace invasion”; setting the stage for a noteworthy event for which the Lyran government used its diplomatic status as a hegemon to ensure peace be made between its two allies following the invasion of Mordent island.
Highlighting the dedication of the Protectorate of Lyras to preserve and sustain good governance in the wake of research and technology breakthroughs that further seek to aid in the defence of innocent and unarmed nations. As has been displayed via the forms of anti-slavery and anti-imperialist positionings such as:

  • The Protectorate of Lyras’ assistance in the remilitarization of Mokastana, a State that had previously been classified as a “banana republic”, which led to the nation gaining a more thorough understanding of how to properly maintain a standing army and begin to defend themselves; all lead through the example of the Lyran Protectorate and their understanding of military technology.

  • The liberation of territory that had been previously ruled with an iron fist by the Protectorate of Dukopolious, a known communist oppressor, in aggressions that constituted an end-goal of achieving stability in Greater Dienstad.

  • The Protectorate of Lyras’ centralized role in fighting against Stevid (The Holy Empire) in the “Great Dienstadi War”; a conflict that was engaged in by most of the active major powers of the day.

  • The Protectorate’s blatant refusal to engage in orderly and open export trade with the Blackhelm Confederacy; a nation condemned by the hallowed halls of this body since Security Council resolution number fifty-nine entitled "Condemn Blackhelm Confederacy”.

  • The pioneering of freedom for the slaves of Greater tezdrian, an initiative that is validated through the passage of Security Council resolution number one-hundred entitled “Commend Lamoni”, where the forces of the Lyran State saw active combat against the tyranny of Greater tezdrian as mentioned by Security Council resolution number twenty “Condemn Greater Tezdrian”.

Observing that the exemplary actions carried out by the Protectorate of Lyras, as described and outlined herein, are transcendent of the World Assembly’s core principles of promoting international peace, spreading universal goodwill, and maintaining healthy diplomatic discourse between nations from all walks of civilization.
Hereby Commends Lyras.

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Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Lyras was passed 12,953 votes to 2,038.