Commend Neasmyrna

The Security Council,

Understanding that the stories told in these halls are scattered with homages to the time-old struggle between those who seek to build and create, and those who seek to destroy; a battle defined by conquerors and titans, who stand steadfast in the path of destruction — a description that befits none better than The Nomadic Peoples of Neasmyrna (Neas),

Observing Neas’ creation of 00000 A World Power (AWP), which would soon be derailed by rogue delegate Sith Clans of Doom, who undid much of Neas’ initial work and banned them along with much of the native population. This disaster would fuel Neas’ determination to return to AWP to forge it into a true power, and ensure the same fate would never again befall AWP, nor any other community,

Admiring AWP’s rise under Neas, engaging residents with a championship-style recruitment competition that would welcome over 200 nations in the span of 7 months during a period of great stagnation across the world. They followed up this increased activity by creating new forums for AWP, which served to integrate and engage members of the region and act as the base for the region’s military, the Regional Defense Force (RDF),

Awed that under Neas’ leadership, the RDF grew into a cutting-edge fighting force known as one of the best of its time, defended over 300 regions, and became a key contributor to many defensive efforts such as those in the East Pacific, Lazarus, the Rejected Realms, and Feudal Japan, for years alongside allies like the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA).

Appreciating Neas’ role in the FRA, leading AWP to become a principal member and crucial force in the alliance during military efforts in regions like Sweden, Austria, and Islam. Neas would serve as Chief of Defense twice, a resume that does not reflect their great breadth of achievement on the battlefield, where Neas’s level-headed approach alongside their incredible strategic ability would see them command forces or head the charge in many legendary defenses like:

  • the defeat of the Crimson Order in the North Pacific (TNP) led by Lewis and Clark, in which Neas was crucial in supporting TNP’s internal resistance and the orchestration of a massive coalition of militaries to free the region from its tyrannical clutches,
  • the refounding of Egypt, which, in coordination with a native and former AWP member known as Sun God, Neas snatched away from the clutches of DEN in a monumental effort that kept the region in safe hands,
  • the liberation of Anarchy following a month-long occupation, during which a brief window to strike suddenly and strangely materialized, which Neas quickly capitalized upon by quickly organizing a liberation of the region from raider hands,

Wonderstruck at Neas’ influence far beyond the battlefield, developing AWP’s extensive foreign affairs network and uniting regions in a common cause, be it to oppose tyranny or protect regions from destruction. Neas’ informal FA approach and incredible diplomatic ability would see them uplift and bring together interregional actors in a shockingly effective manner, working to:

  • coordinate and maintain effective communication between leading defender organizations 10000 Islands (XKI) and the FRA, which enabled a continued front to combat raider forces upon,
  • extend relationships to regions old and new, utilizing the RDF to help build up Europeia’s military capabilities and network, including in Europeia’s first joint military exercise with defenders, or in facilitating aforementioned resistance efforts in coups of regions like TNP,
  • establish the AWP Alliance, giving regions like the Kodiak Republic, Nintendo, and Alliance of Queens access to the AWP’s resources and community, and generally expanding AWP’s treaty network to key regions like Equilism or XKI, resulting in prosperous relationships that would see them aid one another on the battlefield or work together at home,

Applauding Neas’ further regionbuilding in XKI from their satellite state of The City-State of Petalumadom, where they compounded on their impressive recruitment record with an astonishing 841 nations recruited on their own, and established the XKI Investment Corporation, which allowed residents to capitalize on its incredible taco-economy with the purchase of assets or shares, stimulating the region’s culture by increasing the prevalence of its unique economy,

Certain that Neas has left their mark in the halls of history, having not only born the great weight of the unending fight against the forces of destruction aloft on their shoulders, but in their work and legacy prepared and inspired the next generation of defenders with the tools and ideals needed to carry on the fight,

Hereby Commends Neasmyrna.

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