Commend Singapore no2

Observing that national leaders constantly face a barrage of dilemmas where they have to make prompt decisions to resolve, lest their nation dissolve into complete chaos,
Recognising the many nations that dedicate countless hours into assisting these leaders in resolving issues by presenting several options,
Praising one such helpful nation,
Singapore no2, for hitting the ground running with their unyielding efforts in aiding national leaders in resolving multiple international foreign affairs conflicts,
Extolling Singapore no2 for helping to resolve a dispute instigated by aggressive archipelagic nation Macronesia, ‘Affirmative Election?’, where ethnic Macronesians picketed outside government offices to protest the lack of ethnic minorities in national governments. Singapore no2ean diplomats helped to bring forth all of the protesters’ demands in a clear way which paved the way for national leaders to quickly make a decision and be able to return to grocery shopping,
Applauding Singapore no2 for the way they dealt with the international incident ‘Externalities Palmed Off’, where a thick smog engulfed a group of coastal nations due to a developing country (later revealed to be Macronesia) burning large amounts of forests for land. Singapore no2 assembled a team of their top meteorologists to examine weather patterns, and from that data they presented several options for nations to deal with the issue, such as applying diplomatic pressure or building a protective dome around the country. This intervention likely saved billions of citizens from lung disease,
Noting that these incidents were still not the end of Macronesia’s hostility, nor were they the end of Singapore no2 attempting to stop these antics. In the event dubbed ‘A Plank Too Far’, Macronesian ministers declared that pirates in several nations were plundering their ships and pledged to sink any foreign vessel that entered their waters, disrupting maritime trade. Singapore no2ean diplomats once again convened to facilitate international peace negotiations between the swashbuckling sea dogs and Macronesian officials, pacifying the situation,
Appreciating Singapore no2 for interceding in the dispute between nations and Macronesian durian farmers during the event dubbed ‘Putrid Predicament’, where Macronesian durians (and their pungency) flooded public transport in foreign nations, causing people to suffocate. Singapore no2ean food critics mediated the situation by conducting a smell test on the durians and determining the best course of action nations should take regarding the situation,
Thanking Singapore no2 for not only helping nations deal with Macronesia, but also for their efforts in protecting nations from the belligerent nation Bigtopia during the crisis ‘A Blast from the Past’, who had attempted to exploit nations by offering to deactivate landmines which were deployed due to their previous warmongering actions. Singapore no2ean weapons enthusiasts (who had previously resolved an issue involving 3D-printed firearms) offered national leaders a variety of other options they could choose to be rid of the landmines, preventing more innocent children from exploding,
Lauding Singapore no2 for their quick thinking in preventing nations from being extorted for their money by economic superpower Dàguó after a clumsy advisor accidentally shattered a priceless artefact in the event dubbed ‘Like a Bull in a Dàguó Shop’. Singapore no2ean weapons enthusiasts examined the viability of the situation and recommended that a duel between the advisor and the emperor could best resolve the situation, preventing nations from losing millions of their currency or facing sanctions,
Recognising that in addition to these large scale crises, Singapore no2 has also successfully resolved 22 other issues, ranging from abuse of shared property (‘A Problem Shared’) to the dangers of prehistoric zoos (‘Who Let The Dinos Out?’),
Noticing that Singapore no2 successfully resolved such a large amount of issues in an astoundingly short period of time that they were internationally recognised as one of the most prolific issues solvers in the world, no easy feat,
Revering the wisdom (and humour) possessed by the official representatives of Singapore no2 during their engagements with the international community, making sure that other international problems can be solved in a clear manner,
Applauding Singapore no2 for their non-issues related contributions, such as securing their vulnerable and previously invaded region Singapore from foreign invasion by utilising security measures such as passwords while still allowing new nations to join the region (a system similar to the commended region Hell), and
Convinced that Singapore no2 has broken the mould and has undeniably made the world a better place through their actions, and deserve to be commended by this body,
The Security Council hereby commends
Singapore no2.

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