Commend the Rejected Realms

The Security Council,
Recognizing The Rejected Realms for its contributions to the international community through the Rejected Realms Army (RRA), one of the oldest and most successful defender armies in history,
Acknowledging the untold contributions of The Rejected Realms to the Alliance Defense Network (ADN) and later the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA)—both influential defender organizations that engaged in combat with the various insidious raider forces of the world,
Thanking The Rejected Realms for their assistance and leadership of numerous missions to defend and liberate regions in distress, including but not limited to:
I. Japan, a region of tremendous historical importance whose culture and historical artifacts would have been obliterated during Ireland’s invasion had the RRA not intervened,
II. The South Pacific, one of the largest regions in the world whose internally-launched coup by then-Delegate Milograd would have forever negatively altered the course of world history,
III. Hogwarts, another historical region of high cultural significance whose invasion would have decimated a significant number of historical artifacts and erased an entire culture,
IV. Lazarus, the oldest Sinker region in the world, whose “New Lazarene Order” takeover by the government of The Pacific, the New Pacific Order, would have annihilated the accomplishments of the plethora of nations that have resided in and currently reside in the region,
Applauding The Rejected Realms’ role in the successful defense of 10000 Islands against the Empire of Power in 2003; by the end of this conflict the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO) rose from the ashes of war and went on to become one of the greatest defender military organizations of all time, with over 3000 military victories against invader organizations,
Observing that The Rejected Realms’ numerous interregional treaties have significantly bolstered international peace and unity, notable examples of which include:
I. The XYZ Treaty, which is a treaty between TRR, Mordor, and Renegade Islands Alliance that was ratified in 2014 and is intended to promote cohesion between, bolster existing military ties of, and strengthen the signatory defender regions,
II. The 2018 TRR-Forest Treaty of Harmony and Friendship, which is a treaty between TRR and Forest intended to promote cultural advancement between the two time-tested regions,
III. The January Accords, which is a treaty between TRR, The South Pacific, and The East Pacific that was passed in 2018, intended to form an alliance between three of the most powerful regions in the world as well as to renew the 2014 TRR-TSP Treaty of Peace and Amity; an alliance that significantly eased tensions between TRR and The South Pacific,
IV. The Unicorn Star Accord, which is a treaty between TRR and The North Pacific was written to nudge both regions into a mutually-beneficial friendship following the successful passage of the January Accords earlier that year, and to consolidate existing ties and connections between TRR and The North Pacific,
V. The Lost and Found Accords, which is a treaty between TRR and Osiris that was constructed to build warmer relations following the passage of the earlier 2015 Non-Aggression Pact between the two regions; a treaty that underscored the strength and inviolability of the existing connections between the two powerful regions and initiated an alliance between the two powers,
Establishing The Rejected Realms as a media superpower due to the various forms of media it uses to communicate with its members and outsider nations, including its periodic regional newspaper The Rejected Times, which has documented and recorded events across the expanse of the world for the purpose of the dissemination of knowledge since its re-establishment in 2013 and its official radio program Rejected Radio, which discusses interregional politics and world history,
Praising The Rejected Realms’ commitment to domestic and world history through its continuation of The Rejected Realms Historical Society (TRRHS), a regional organization dedicated to the preservation of history and through its maintenance and continued use of its library, the Library of Spurned Knowledge, which currently holds hundreds of historical essays and pieces,
Believing that The Rejected Realms deserves official recognition from this esteemed body for its efforts to improve the global community and promote interregional harmony,
Knowing that with the passage of this resolution that The Rejected Realms will continue to strive for success in its pursuit of international peace and harmony,
Hereby commends The Rejected Realms.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Commend the Rejected Realms” was defeated 10,672 votes to 2,567.