Commend Vancouvia

vRECOGNIZING The Free Lands of Vancouvia founded one of the largest regions; The Western Isles

ACKNOWLEDGING The Free Lands of Vancouvia is one of the most active participants in the World Assembly and has passed multiple resolutions that will improve all World Assembly member nations for generations to come.

NOTING The Free Lands of Vancouvia’s amazing achievements; authoring and passed six relevant and progressive resolutions, leading The Western Isles from it’s infancy to the massive well-known, well-respected, and one of the most popular regions with over 600 nations and counting.

PRAISING The Free Lands of Vancouvia’s approval of every single proposal in the General Assembly and Security Council realizing that this has helped numerous hardworking authors pass resolutions. The Free Lands of Vancouvia has authored numerous organized helpful dispatches on topics ranging from military realism to an accessible new nation guide, raiding and defending information, and several other helpful dispatches that helped countless nations.

Believing that The Free Lands of Vancouvia has a keen interest in helping Nations, will continue to help Nations for years to come, not just in the World Assembly but helping new Nations get started as well.

Hereby commends The Free Lands of Vancouvia

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Commend Vancouvia” was defeated 13,947 votes to 4,742.