Commend Versutian Federation

The Security Council,

Noting the recent Zombie Apocalypse which befell much of the world, causing the tragic deaths of trillions in many regions;

Recognising the Versutian Federation as a region which was of low ‘Zombification’;

Observing that during the Zombie Apocalypse, this region became the largest among a considerable number of regions accepting “refugee” nations from other beleaguered regions;

Appreciating that the administration and protection of these regions were complicated, time-consuming and thankless tasks;

Realising that these tasks included, but were not limited to:

Taking measures against nations not complying with zombie anti-exportation policies;

Encouraging nations to adopt policies of research into cures;

Monitoring nations in the region to ensure continued compliance following re-admittance;

Offering advice and support to nations suffering under the effects of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Screening would-be refugees for potential malicious intentions

Acknowledging the efforts of the Versutian Federation, its leadership and the wider community in providing salvation for nations often close to collapse due to the outbreak;

Further thanking the Administration’s continued stewardship of the region, protecting over 230 nations from threats both from within the region and externally;

Grateful that the honourable actions of the Versutian Federation were mirrored by countless other regions who protected nations within from the harsh effects of the Apocalypse.

Concluding that many hundreds of nations and many billions of people were saved by the selfless, responsible and humane actions of these regions, chief among them the Versutian Federation;

Hereby Commends Versutian Federation.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.