Compliance Commission

Category: International Security

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Imperium Anglorum

Concerned that nations are unwilling to prosecute violators of World Assembly legislation and actively destroying evidence of crimes against humanity,

Asserting that members have an obligation to comply with policies enacted by the democratic mandate of the World Assembly as they have consented into its jurisdiction, and

Believing that cases of non-prosecution or destruction of evidence ought be investigated and archived so that a more objective conception of the truth can be established for future reference,

This august World Assembly hereby:

  1. Establishes and empowers the WACC, hereafter referred to as the Compliance Commission, to conduct investigations on matters vis-à-vis observance with World Assembly resolutions and thereby establish an impartial and objective factual basis for future claims of jurisdiction and prosecutions thereof;

  2. Requires both civilian and military police forces to create a liaison point with the Commission to provide evidence on war crimes in particular and adherence to WA legislation in general, and to those ends, demands that documents requested by the Commission not to be destroyed and to be handed over promptly so long as state security permits;

  3. Permits the Compliance Commission, in specific investigations, to accept information and data which are presented by non-member nations and nations not party to that investigation; allows the Compliance Commission to request the assistance of nearby nations to more accurately assess and access the facts of the matter under investigation;

  4. Strongly encourages nations to cooperate with the Compliance Commission on matters relevant to their security and conduct their own investigations into compliance with World Assembly resolutions as soon as possible; mandates the Compliance Commission inform nations of the passage of legislation, promulgation of regulations, or enactment of administrative policies relevant to their nation; and

  5. Reminds member nations that this resolution establishes the Compliance Commission as a truth-seeking commission and does not grant it the ability to enforce or compel warrants, subpoenas, or judicial action on any nation, its leaders, or its citizens.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Compliance Commission was passed 13,286 votes to 5,812.