Computer Gone Haywire

I left my computer for ten minutes ,and when I came back, it was off, and wouldn’t turn on. I have no clue whats wrong with it, but I’m rather sure its hardware related…in any case, as the school is closed, I may be unable to reach a computer for the next several days…RP wise, just pretend FPS is too involved in the rioting started by the Trioni inident to get involved publicly…OOCly…I’ll try to come back ASAP.

Sorry to hear of the computer troubles. We’ll look forward to your return.

Doing what I can, activity wise, but being sick, without a stable computer (I’m using my dads laptop via a 56k phone connection, because my internet was broken when my computer was taken to bestbuy), but I may not be quite as up to date as I was (No FPSNN catch up post as I was planning, world fair will have to wait, as will the map for hte fallen, and my military supply thread).

EDIT: FYI, the several peices had been disconnected from the motherboard, hence cuasing my computer to shut down, and refuse to operate.