Condemn Anthony Delasanta

Description: The Security Council,

ABOMINATING The Democratic Republic of Anthony Delasanta’s extreme loathing of the religion that is Islam and its many members,

UTTERLY ASTOUNDED at the numerous international crimes committed by Anthony Delasanta against Muslims in its own country and in foriegn countries that it has no connections with whatsoever, that violate General Assembly Resolution number 38, Convention Against Genocide, which Anthony Delasanta was at that time legally obliged to obey, such as:

Building thousands of death camps in the nation of Hebenia in an attempt to destroy their Muslim population and overthrow their government,

Exterminating over a hundred million Muslims, who were from Anthony Delasanta, all in a matter of days,

Unjustly declaring war on United arab sultanate, presumably because of their Muslim operated government,

HORRIFIED by Anthony Delasanta's refusal to trade with the now nonexistent nation of Reardasia, one of its region-mates, then invading it for no apparent reason, then forcefully absorbing Reardasia and taking control of its military,

APPALLED at Anthony Delasanta's use of its newly acquired state to perform terrorist attacks at a peace conference with New Korongo,

DETESTING Anthony Delasanta's abuse of power during its delegate reign in its home region of Ganar, citing the following actions as abuses of power:

Establishing a communist flag for the region, despite the wishes of the founder,

Banning the nations of Schulzeyland and Secretivemilly from Ganar, presumably because they had joined Vaalbara, which at the time was the region's mortal enemy,

Suppressing any opinions that would cause a shift in delegate power away from Anthony Delasanta,

ACKNOWLEDGING Anthony Delasanta to be one of the most influential supporters of the coup on Vaalbara led by East Weidmanland, which was responsible for the ejection of an astoundingly high percentage of the region’s natives,

DISGUSTED by Anthony Delasanta’s use of ethnic cleansing as a legitimate political decision to inspire its citizens to work,

OUTRAGED by Anthony Delasanta’s openness in the selling of two million of its Jewish population, including the women and children, to other nations as a mean for slave labor, as if they were mere objects or possessions, rather than the real people that they are,

BELIEVING that it be in the World Assembly’s best interest to stifle these unbearably appalling, racist actions by condemning them and the nation that carried out such condemnable actions,

HEREBY Condemns The Democratic Republic of Anthony Delasanta.

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Condemn Anthony Delasanta was passed 5,470 votes to 4,210.

Bai Lung voted FOR.