Condemn Kknight

The Security Council,

Observing Kknight’s present tenure as General of DEN, currently the largest invader organization on NationStates. Following the disbandment of The Black Riders, Kknight, along with old raiders including A Million Voices and Scooby-Doo, assisted in the rebuilding of DEN and the overseeing of countless operations such as persistent “tag-raiding” and the occupations of Paradoxia, Power is Rising, and Japan;

Recalling Kknight’s 16 month service as Chief of the General Staff of The Black Riders, a region previously condemned by the esteemed Security Council for popularizing a form of raiding known as “tagging” and for executing heinous invasions, occupations, and/or refounds on innocent regions including Ixnay, Planet X, The Silver Isles, The Mountains to the East, and Atheist Empire;

Recognizing Kknight’s contribution to the proliferation of “tag-raiding” as it is today, including record-breaking update raids which have been forever immortalized in the Codex Incursus to be seen as a source of inspiration and propaganda for later generations of raiders;

Noting Kknight’s involvement in many invader organizations, present and past, including The Imperial Legion of Unknown and the various historical incarnations of DEN;

Believing that the actions of Kknight have promoted the invader cause far more than most can dream and have proven extremely detrimental to the overall stability of NationStates;

Hereby condemns The Federalist States of Kknight.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.