Condemn Macedonia

The Security Council,

Observing that Macedon is condemned by this council; however, the arguments presented by SC # 1 fail to outline all the horrific actions carried out by the condemned party, and this resolution wishes to further outline these offense for generations to come.

Acknowledging the impact Macedonia [and the region of Macedon] has held in the greater scope of world affairs, their monstrous actions a major contribution to the creation of this council, and its mission of spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.

Noting that Macedonia was one of the first ever invader entities, adopting a win-at-all-costs approach, and conducting themselves with such extremity that even noted invaders of the time period, such as The What of Todd McCloud, condemned them for their actions.

Recognizing the terrible game over situations that Macedonian agents would impose on helpless regions; they would take power for themselves by pretending to befriend natives of a region, place a password on the region, and then brutally force the native community from their home, often with racist gloating involved.

Appalled that the region found the practice of forum crashing acceptable in order to achieve a means; the Macedonians destroyed a region’s hub of communication and commerce, and such practice should be universally condemned.

Encouraging good-natured competitiveness amongst rivals, and conflicting forces; the behavior conducted by the condemnable region is highly discouraged by this council, and the international community; Macedonia will serve as an example to this commitment.

Disgusted by the number of regions Macedonia claims as colonies, and has for more than a decade; moreover, these regions hold a particular interest to the international community, their names having great significance to many nations [Belarus, Czech Republic, Kurdistan, etc.], and should be freed at the first opportunity.

Understanding that when Macedonia was an active invader organization, their destruction of regional communities was described as prolific, and that this horrific activity continued for years without balance, destroying numerous homes in a revolting fashion.

Hereby Condemns: Macedonia.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Condemn Macedonia” was defeated 10,698 votes to 3,505.