Condemn Ralkovia

ACKNOWLEDGING Ralkovia as a nation that continuously throughout its history has conducted itself in a manner contradictory to the principles of interregional peace and goodwill between nations, upon which the World Assembly was founded, as well as acting in a fashion detrimental to the advancement of civic and democratic liberties for all Nations and Peoples.

RECOGNIZING Ralkovia as a country that operates a system of extermination camps which conducts genocide on undesirable groups in Ralkovia through the following, and many other, measures, with the intent of creating a uniform homogenous society mindlessly devoted to the monstrous policies of Ralkovia:[ul]
[li] The systematic roundup of and deportation of all political dissidents, ethnic, religious, sexual minorities, physically or mentally disabled people and all other groups considered offensive by the Ralkovian government, hereafter collectively referred to as undesirables, to extermination camps.

[li] The elimination of all undesirables deemed unfit to work, thereby meaning children below twelve years of age, the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and the sick, for immediate extermination upon arrival.

[li] The enslavement of all undesirables deemed fit to work, and subsequent overworking the undesirables to an early death while subjecting them to deliberate maltreatment, in the form of torture and withholding basic necessities such as food, medicine, water and so forth.

[li] The prioritized pursuit of escapees, including adopted children, conducted by Ralkovian Death Guards to prevent any return of undesirables to Ralkovian society.
[/li][/ul]OBSERVING that Ralkovia has no respect for the sovereignty of foreign states, and regularly launches unjust military action against foreign states over petty issues.

ABHORING the routine utilization of forced mass conscription of Ralkovian civilians by the Ralkovian Armed Force for use as cannon fodder in the numerous wars of aggression unjustly waged by Ralkovia

DISGUSTED by the policies of indoctrination on the Ralkovian people to be desensitized to the cruelty of the Ralkovian government and accept the crimes of their state.

NOTING that Ralkovia is an active slaver state, having enslaved 800 million people while regularly engaging in the international slave trade and subjecting its enslaved populace to inhumane sufferings and humiliations at the hand of the Ralkovian elite.

FURTHER declaring Joshua Raskov II, Emperor of Ralkovia, a vile dictator suffering an antisocial personality disorder inspiring him to mindless cruelty and brutality, whose governance has as its sole purpose his own gratification through the suffering of others, since he usurped the throne from his sister, before having her raped and eventually murdered.

INSISTING that such abominable acts as those committed by Ralkovia call for a strongly worded condemnation by the Security Council;

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Condemn Ralkovia was passed 10,685 votes to 1,712.