Condemn Southern Bellz


Condemn Southern Bellz
A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Southern Bellz

Proposed by: Che Memorial Park

Description: DENOUNCING The Smoking Gun of Southern Bellz for interfering with a free and fair election by tampering with an election in progress and corruptly maintaining power, through the unjust ejection of candidate nations.

AWARE that universally applied principles of international law mandate the democratic election of Regional Delegates by providing in every region of the world that the nation with the most endorsements at the time of the votes are counted is automatically elected Regional Delegate;

NOTING that the nation of The Allied States of Devonitians replaced The Smoking Gun of Southern Bellz and became Regional Delegate of the South Pacific by using this democratic, universally accepted method of election,

APPRECIATING that The Allied States of Devonitians respected democratic rule by announcing free elections and by inviting and allowing all nations in the South Pacific to freely endorse other nations so as to freely and democratically select a new Regional Delegate,

UNDERSTANDING that after convincing enough nations to unendorse The Allied States of Devonitians, The Smoking Gun of Southern Bellz resumed the role of Regional Delegate,

RECOGNIZING that at the time The Smoking Gun of Southern Bellz resumed the role of Regional Delegate a democratic election was still in progress,

APPALLED that upon returning to power The Smoking Gun of Southern Bellz suspended democratic rule to remain in power, violating the political and civil rights of the nations of the South Pacific with a campaign of repression which included:

  • Unilaterally terminating an election in progress,
  • placing the South Pacific under a state of martial law,
  • ejecting candidate nations which had received valid endorsements,
  • effectively destroying the votes of nations which endorsed the candidate nations

NOTING that such actions effect democratic decision making of the world community because the Regional Delegate of the South Pacific with it’s large number of votes has outsized influence over if resolutions pass or fail in the World Assembly;

PROTESTING that by ejecting candidate nations involved in an on-going election The Smoking Gun of Southern Bellz not only interfered with the civil and political rights of said nations, but effectively engaged in vote tampering by effectively destroying the ballots of a approximately 100 nations which the two candidate nations prior to ejection;

DENOUNCING the disenfranchisement of over 100 nations during an on-going election as an unwarranted attack on the right of the nations of a region to democratically select a Regional Delegate;

FINDING such actions to be dangerous, discriminatory, and a threat to the right of nations to democratically choose Regional Delegates;

FEARING such corruption and disregard for the spirit of democratic rule may spread unless these corrupt and undemocratic actions are condemned.

HOPING that by publicly condemning The Smoking Gun of Southern Bellz the Security Council will discourage other nations from the deplorable and undemocratic practice of undermining, tampering with or otherwise interfering with on-going elections;

The nations of the Security Council hereby condemn The Smoking Gun of Southern Bellz.

NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Condemn Southern Bellz SC forum thread over this.

Surely I’m NOT in favor.

However, “ABSTAIN” could be a possible option, here (because of our usual “Nautrality” thing). However, I’ll let all evaluations about possible political developments to more expert NSers.

I’ve just found out that Devonitians is a puppet of RR “big guy” Sedgistan. At present time, a SC proposal to Condemn Sedgistan is in queue and will be voted immediately after this.

6 days ago: Devonitians was nominated for a World Assembly Commendation by The Sky Ace Czars of Warzone Codger.
14 days ago: Devonitians was nominated for a World Assembly Condemnation by The Lion Pride of Mahaj WA Seat.

Honest… this strengthens my ABSTAIN opinion. The SC is being used as the battleground for a war which is TSP’s only and I would say “let’s stay out of this mess”

Well, here’s what’s been happening (someone correct me if I’m wrong):

About two weeks ago, The South Pacific was invaded by a person claiming to be a native. He wanted to stay for one week to allow successful transfer over to the delegacy for another nation but, after about a day and a half of putting up with resistance, suppressing posts, and banning people who were trying to support the former delegate, he left. This put the current delegate, Bellz, back into power. That day she said anyone who is over the 50% cap will need to bring it down or face banning. Some said they’d bring it down on the forums. Some didn’t. Those who didn’t or who seemed to have no intention of getting below the cap were banned, but then unbanned and allowed to come back.

At about that time, the identity of Dev was revealed by Biyah and Dali to be Sedge, long time defender and a guy who’s got a lot of connections in the game. This was a slap in the face to some people, who said they could no longer trust the guy and that he’s become a turncoat. Some said he lied to them and was instrumental in getting a nation (Unibot) fired from his position in the FRA. Some said he was doing this to get a friend (CrazyGirl) in power over in TSP. And then some were praising him for waking up a feeder. So it’s been kind of a mess. There are votes in the SC up to remove his commendation and condemnation, but both sides for and against seem to have dug their heels in. Basically, what’s happening here is a guy who many once thought was upstanding and honest to them has revealed his ‘true colors’, and want him to pay. As for me, Sedge and I were once enemies when we played the game differently years ago. I’m just watching this all happen for the most part.

But it depends on how you look at it to see if he’s done good or bad. Was it really bad that he came in and woke up TSP? Well, no. But the people in that region who are working to re-build it, certainly they are improving the situation there. Who is more to blame for TSP getting their act together? I kind of feel both are, to a degree.

What this reminds me of is TEP before the empire. Things were slow, the delegate was inactive, and the endorsement count he had was relatively low. Those three factors combined to allow a coup to occur, one that lasted for well over three months. Most of us here remember that. TSP was lucky (or maybe unlucky) in that the coup lasted for about a day and a half. Playing devil’s advocate, if we hadn’t been invaded and couped, where would we be in this day and age? Good things came out of that, I believe, and change wouldn’t have happened had we been sacked like that. Not saying a good coup can go a long way, of course, but I do believe it was a catalyst for change in here.

All that aside, Bellz is (finally) allowing delegate elections. Someone is currently running against her (you may or may not remember Topid here). As long as Bellz is supportive of change in TSP, I don’t believe she deserves to be condemned. What happened, happened. Changes need to be done over there, and as long as things keep changing, it’s a step in the right direction. Now, if Bellz reverts to the old ways in TSP and becomes unreceptive to change, you can bet I along with everyone else will be pretty dang pissed. But for now, things look OK.

A side story developing is Punk D in The West Pacific ‘declared war’ on TSP during its occupation. Some believe this is due to him being banned on TSP’s forums on his own merits. He has since rescinded that claim since talking to Bellz and understanding what she wants to do, but he has also spoken against The Pacific, which is upsetting them. So that might be something we should keep an eye out for.

Regardless in all of this, this is a prime reason why I believe TEP should become more aware of its surroundings. We’re not an island; we should become more aware and look at things critically around us. Don’t just take my opinions - formulate your own, because you might have a different one than I do about things. And that’s okay - if the region just had one opinion all the time, that’d make things boring, right? But still, I’d like TEP to become more aware of the happenings around it and more visible in the outside community. We’ve been praised for how well we’ve done things internally, maybe it’s time to work on that external bit.

Thanks for the explanation Todd :slight_smile:

For now i´m going with abstain, for while i admit that invasion/coup do have a beneficial side effect of waking up a slowing region, i cannot endorse this kind of disrespect to other players, regardless of the intentions behind.

More aware of our surroundings, eh boss?

Let´s buy a giant scope and a gun to match
Kidding aside, it probably be good to us to increase our relationship with the rest of the NS community (might spark activity), but i don´t think we´re that isolated to be compared to an island.

“Condemn Southern Bellz” was defeated 6,087 votes to 5,192.