Condemn The New Inquisition

The Security Council,

SADDENED by the destruction of regions and their communities conducted by The New Inquisition, such as in North Atlantic, Concosia, and Valhalla, and their assistance in the near destruction of other regions such as Region of Reunited Muslim States, Free Thought, Stargate;

DISGUSTED by the frequent falsifications used to justify the actions of The New Inquisition, such as the illegitimate claim to sovereignty over the region Valhalla;

SHOCKED that the New Inquisition innvaded The Rejected Realms, which is one of the oldest, largest regions in the game,

ASTONISHED by the actions of The New Inquisition and satellite region Balder, as well as other regions, where they seized control and engaged in political misdeeds to solidify their stronghold over the region;

NOTING that The New Inquisition is a chief promoter of the insidious disease of imperialism and must be fought against at all costs, as it promotes the violation of regional sovereignty;

BELIEVING that The New Inquisition is a parasitic region who’s very existence is detrimental to the health of the international community;

HEREBY Condemns The New Inquisition.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.