Condemn Todd McCloud

— Begin quote from ____

Condemn Todd McCloud

ASSERTS that Todd McCloud must have a big ego, naming his country after himself

FURTHER ASSERTS that aforementioned nation has too high of a tax rate

ALSO ASSERTS that Todd McCloud’s national animal, the fox, is significantly lamer than my national animal, the jaguar

NOTES that though Todd McCloud is “devoted to social welfare,” he is ranked only 73rd in the region for largest social welfare programs

THEREFORE speculates that he is stealing welfare money to fund the development of some diabolical super robotic fox

PULLS OUT OF MY A** the fact that he might be also using this cyborg fox as a radio transmitter to send anti-Semitic fruitcake recipes to Spongebob Squarepants

ALSO ESTABLISHES the fact that he might like to torture cows like these
by forcing them to listen to “It’s a Small World” non-stop

SPECULATES that he might have an island where he likes to hunt elderly people for sport

OH F**K it, I’ll explain the real reason why I submitted this stupid resolution

I’M ENVIOUS of the fact that he has a shiny badge on his nation’s homepage and I want to get rid of it

I HATE the fact that he has more influence than I do

AND I HATE the fact that he has more endorsements than I do

THERE, I said it; but I’m just doing what everyone else does in this security counsel

I’M SUBMITTING pointless resolutions that won’t do anything but waste a few minutes of people’s time thinking about inane resolutions like this one

— End quote


Todd is evil… for.

I know! This guy’s the bane of my existence!


I’m Spartacus… erm sorry “Todd McCloud”

Don’t listen to that other similar sounding part-time Doctor fellow above, he’s regenerating and doesn’t know who he is himself anyway!

I say condemn the Leprechauns especially the evil blue one’s!

Me, I’m only here for the Tacos, Mmmmm Tacos…

A for the effort, but i´ll vote for Tacos :slight_smile: