Condemn Valbara

Condemn Valbara

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Valbara

Proposed by: Zabanya

Description: NOTING that Valbara was ejected from the World Assembly for Rules Violations, namely creating other puppet nations within the WA.

FURTHER REALIZING that the purpose of which was to invade other regions using said puppet nations.

ACKNOWLEDGING with disgust that Valbara communicated through puppet nations such as The Allied States of Coastadia with the express purpose of convincing others that they were seperate individual nations

NOTING that Valbara’s puppet nations attempted a coup of Caknarium using almost entirely puppet nations

REALIZING that ejection from the World Assembly is insufficient when seen against these egregious and purposeful uses of puppet nations with the WA.

RESOLVED that the World Assembly CONDEMNS Valbara for it’s wrongful acts

NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Condemn Valbara is the link to the discussion over this on SC forum.

There, while someone supported it based on the fact the player deserves a condemnation, most are agaist it as SC is to condemn nations, and the actions of the player were already punished by the mods, as it should. Also is said to not explain properly why should said nation be condemned.

I´m against as even a mod accused it to be against SC ruleset… Although i don´t know why it was left to run its course…

This is probably one of the strangest things I’ve seen hit the WASC, and that’s saying something (I’ve seen a LOT of strangeness in the SC, trust me). I think the WASC is in for a period of great strangeness, based on the new “rule” that has been installed (but not enforced?).

I’ve never heard of Valbara, the moderators aren’t enforcing their own rules for WASC proposals, none of the veterans of the WASC know what the hell’s going on or what path the WASC is going to take after this (most have predicted a rather lousy one), and the new rule seems to have set a precedent for condemning godmodders and/or bad roleplayers.

I’ve abstained. I wouldn’t vote here in these forums now either way, as I’m not officially a citizen of TEP yet (delegate elections for Corporate going on now… if a new delegate changes nothing, I’ll be over here soon). I’d just like to comment on the weirdness of this proposal and the situation the WASC has been thrown into at the moment.

I have a feeling that this division of the WA is in for some rough times.

I also don’t know what to say. It will probably be a while before this “4th Rule” issue is resolved in the Security Council, but even with that in mind, I think every month I hear about a nation that attempts to create a lot of WA nations by themselves and are caught for rule violations. I’m assuming this number is more than that. shrugs WA multying happens often. It’s not really as condemnable as it is… well, not smart.

“Condemn Valbara” was defeated 2,628 votes to 1,768.