Congratulations to Todd McCloud

Congratulations to The Peaceful Mind of Todd McCloud, the newly elected Delegate for The East Pacific.

I’ve asked the elders (Loop and East Malaysia) to take a look at the results, but I think it is clear that Todd has won in a fair and open election.

The next steps are up to Todd. I expect that he will implement the plan that he proposed in the campaign, Point Plan | The South Pacific Wiki | Fandom.

For purposes of regional stability, I would ask all WA nations to endorse Todd immediately. We need to get Todd’s endorsement level up to something close to mine. As Todd’s increases, I will ask nations to withdraw their endorsements from my nation. I would like the transition to Todd having regional control to occur as soon as possible. It is very important that we maintain a significant difference between the endorsement cap and the delegate.

I thank all three candidates for running a fair and friendly campaign. I thank all of you who voted.

Once again, congratulations to our new Delegate, Todd McCloud.

Huzzah and other such assorted recognitions of victory and accomplishment.

Congratulations and best of luck!

Thank you very much! I may or may not provide a speech, but yeah, lol.

As for what happens next, ASBS is correct - I will follow through with my Eleven Point Plan and begin by announcing the voting for the Magisterium three days from tonight, most likely at 3 pm EST. I might move that up, but if I do, people will be informed.

Congrats Todd :]

I have already sent a reply to ASBS but I will say the results get my approval.


Congratulations Todd Mccloud :slight_smile:

I give my congratulations to my opponent and wish him well in his new role.

Congrats Todd!

Gave him a congratulations before the election was even over.


3 Cheers and congratulations to our new Delegate Todd McCloud…


I demand a recount!

There is no way the Hive only garnered one vote!


Congratulations, Todd

— Begin quote from ____

I demand a recount!

There is no way the Hive only garnered one vote!


— End quote

The hive is ONE mind. You said so on the advertising brochures.

One mind, one vote.

lol. Thanks all. Expect a speech at 9 pm EST!