Conlanging and Your Nation

Hey, guys!

I’m a conlanger - I construct languages as a hobby. I’m going to be working on one for my nation, Kohlandia. I was wondering if anyone else does this?

I’ve done a bit of it for Xoriet.

Nothing extensive, but I have a grasp of the languages used in Xoriet.

Cool :smiley: I’m going to read up on that now. :smiley:

I still have the basics down, but it’s been a while since I could last elaborate.

My citizens basically speak English and Arabic…

I use bits and pieces of Chinook trade jargon (tsinuk wawa) for my Hyas Tsinuk race of Sasquatch. You’ll see it on the Tsinukan Illahee flag (“Kwanesum Tumchuck Illahee”), place names like Lemolo and Kullpill, and aircraft carriers (Hyas Tyee, Tilikum).

That’s pretty cool Xor and Zoe :smiley:

I don’t have the patience. XD.

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I don’t have the patience. XD.

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We all heard the EM mother tongue one fateful CAH night…




I could do such a thing for my main nation, but I’ve honestly no idea where I’d start for any root inspiration.

My nation existed under another name before it was ever on NS. So I had the barest concept of the language in mind when that empire was in the book I will someday finish writing. Eventually. :frowning:

Most of the characters I use for Xoriet’s RP are new, but some of them are recycled from their previous incarnation.

Oh my god this computer sucks. It posts and clicks double with everything and only flood control can save the day.

Languages have always held an interest for me. I have not yet created one in NS, however. I may do that sometime.

For those who fancy giving conlanging a go, there’s a good website that gives you the info you’ll need: The Language Construction Kit.