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The Sacrosanct Ramaenite Predominance, Atrophyx, Norentia:

Norentia was bristling with activity. The coronation of the newly elected August, Lun Astris, was only a few hours away. It was the first coronation the capital had seen in over sixty years since the death of the previous August, Lun’s father. The months prior had been spent destroying all evidence of Lun’s father’s reign, as his memory had been damned shortly after his death due to an act of The Assemblage. In theory, an act of this magnitude was typically reserved for those traitorous scum who had brought such ruin upon the Predominance that all aspects of their life needed to be eliminated. In practice, The Assemblage used that act as a political weapon against those who challenged their power, and Lun’s father had been one such person: he spent the bulk of his considerable time on the throne attempting to reign in the fiercely independent and troublesome nobles of The Predominance.

The previous August’s goal of a neutered nobility failed miserably, and caused a deep and barely hidden resentment on the part of the nobility towards Atrophyx and the position of the August. Lun was all too familiar with the resentment the nobility felt: for that is the reason she obtained her position! A woman, it was thought, was incapable of ruling: their perceived nature wouldn’t be able to make the ruthless decisions that monarchs had to make. And that is why Lun Astris, the only daughter of the previous August (a man gifted with three sons), became the next August.

Mai Noctrum Bethel, Norentia:

Mai Noctrum was extravagantly decorated for the coronation which would soon be performed within its walls. In the coronation, a monarch first demonstrated their power and prestige by the extravagance of their coronation, and Lun’s coronation, being both the August and the first female to rule the Predominance, did not disappoint. Lun differed in appearance from the rest of the Astris dynasty: she was a thin, pale, and pretty girl of 18 with strawberry hair and blue eyes. The Astris dynasty was known for their comparatively darker features: black hair and a tan complexion ran through the family. The decadence of the highest echelons of society was fervently on display, regardless of comfort. The August was housed within the inner-rooms in this house of worship, trying to get a moment to herself, but the festivities must commence!