Cultural Site Preservation

The World Assembly,

Recognizing the abundance of sites with cultural significance within member nations and the need to preserve them for future generations,

Acknowledging the World Assembly as the perfect medium to assist with such preservation,

  1. Hereby creates the World Assembly Trust for Cultural Heritage(WATCH),

  2. Empowers the WATCH to perform the following actions:
    a. Designate sites, in consultation with the nation housing said site, as culturally relevant,
    b. Create an archive including, but not limited to, visual, verbal, and literary works that pertain to culturally relevant sites,
    c. Recommend specific preservation practices to nations for their culturally relevant sites,
    d. Fulfill requests by nations to assist in the preservation of sites when the nation in question is unable to do so,

  3. Urges nations to follow the preservation recommendations of the WATCH,

  4. Encourages all nations to make a good faith effort to preserve their culturally relevant sites, and to assist other nations in the preservation of their culturally relevant sites,

  5. Mandates that nations shall take all reasonable precautions to avoid unnecessary damage to sites the WATCH has deemed culturally relevant,

  6. Further mandates that nations shall not willingly use culturally relevant sites to house military or intelligence assets,

  7. Requires the WATCH to grant exemptions in good faith to the protections and requirements of sections 5 and 6 for a site currently used as an intelligence or military asset in order to preserve its use as such.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [Passed] Cultural Site Preservation

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

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Cultural Site Preservation was passed 7,075 votes to 4,135.