Currency & Stamps please?

Xiopothos would like currency and stamps please.

just a couple items of info needed.

what is your currency, both main and fractional (i.e. like dollars and cents), how does your currency translate to the US$ (so if your currency is worth, say 20c, then I don’t have lots of small denominations that are essentially worthless.)

what is your 1st class postage rate?

any particular things you may wish featured either on your currency or stamps? some important anniversaries you wish commemorated?


Credit dollars are printed on gray paper using blue ink, featuring mainly admired govenment figures of the past or historical figures like certain men or buildings(you can have fun with this) on bills. The bills range from 100, to 500, to 1000, to 2000, to 5000, to 10000, to 50000 and historical buildings on coins, the 3 of which are the merit(worth 20 credits, made of silver, features the historic lighthouse of Port Index, size is about that of a bottlecap’s circumfrence), the Moral(worth 50 credits, quarter sized, features the siamese fighting fish. made of copper alloys), and the Truth(worth 90 credits, features the 11-star seal and the the national motto in latin. Made of gold.)

Xiopothan credit to US dollar rate: 1 credit = $.01 cents


100 credits = 1 US Dollar

Postage Stamps Dates

7/16: Independance day

3/18: Aggasiz Day

7/16/1962 half-century freedom celebration, limited addition.

As for the 1st clsast postage rate, you have me stuck there…

using the exchange rate of 1 credit = 1c, then the postage rate would probably be in the 33c to 37c range.

Oh, and a 90 credit gold coin will be quite small, probably about ½ the size of a penny. But other countries have put out coins that small IRL, so it wouldn’t really be unrealistic at all.

I’ll start looking for appropriate images.

Thanks, man1 :smiley: