Dawn Of A Era

Cabrera, Spandard Republic
February 17th, 1978

Cheers of joy rung out through the streets of Spandard from Cabrita to Navalaca as they officially declared their independence from the People’s Republic Of Kuthernburg. Years of distrust and corruption had finally came to a end, however, joy quickly turned to horror along the border as over 30,000 Kuthern soldiers marched towards the border as ordered by the Supreme Commander Emandy. The Spandard Guard and Spandard Territorial Defence had blockaded the roads leading into the country, leading to stand-offs. The Head of the Spandard Forces came out, demanding to speak to the leader of the Kuthern forces, “You get out here right now you Bastards!!” he shouted across the border. The general stepped out, “The PRK is a multi-national community and it can survive only under the conditions of full equality for all nations that live in it. The government has found what you are doing as going against the very terms we have set and we demand you lift the blockade and return to the union or we will forcefully do it ourselves.” He said the statement in a calm voice while holding onto his rifle. The Commander looked at him in disbelief, the final line in the tensions had finally snapped with,“ How dare you?! This a sovereign territory that follows the creed of true Kalatians!! You son of bitches wouldn’t know the first of being what is a true Kalatian! VIVA LA KALATIANBURG!!” the soldiers shouted as the first shot let off, killing the Commander of the forces of Spandard. The soldiers looked in shock, many appalled by the Kutherns reacted, gun shots quickly let off as the Spandards disappeared into the fores, preparing for gorilla warfare, the foolish Kutherns believing the Spandards retreated followed after them. The captured aircraft by the Spandards started carpet bombing the border using up their limited bomb arsenal within the first 6 hours of the war.


Kingdom Of New Kuthernburg & Istonia

Meanwhile, closer to the capital of the region, New Kuthernburg & Istonia had been prospering from their own declaration put forth earlier in January, immediately setting up diplomatic cooperation and trade with Xagrurg and Nacata. Nacata had been watching the Communist Republic closely and had already been in contact with the Royal Family to help out a young fierce and proud Spandard by the name of Naomi Truden II, who at the time was 18 and had studied and spent most of her life in the Oan Isles. She returned at 14 and formed the covert Naomi Brigade that went around attacking Kuthern outposts, attracting the Nacatan agency of Nassad who saw the opportunity to install the Naomi Brigade a permanent area of operation. After a series of talks, the Naomi Brigade became the core defense force against the PRK. Nassad produced thousands of anti-Islam & anti-communist propaganda, dropping them and passing them out the streets. The mostly Telsh and Kuthern community was infuriated and purged close to 2,000 Islamic And communist sympathizers by February, either by throwing them in jail or killing them. The then-Commander and one of the Princesses of Kuthernburg, Naomi fearing attack as done in Spandard, called for a meeting between Xagrurg, New Kuthernburg & Naomi Brigade to procure arms and military agreements.

February 17th, 1978
Imperium, Xagrurg
The nation of Xagrurg had just gotten out of a war with Ethalria just 3 years earlier, its people tired of conflict and the economy showing signs of strain. President George Weymouth and his administration had taken up the task of repairing the economy and the nation outlined in his new foreign and economic policies which was to expand trade opportunities to foreign nations both in Aurora and other continents, resulting in a better image of Xagrurg on the diplomatic scale and hoping that the better viewpoint of Xagrurg will result in more economic opportunities and military security.
President George Weymouth’s diplomatic staff in Atlantia was monitoring the situation in Kuthernburg carefully as the newfound trade deals with New Kuthernburg were critical to Xagrurg’s economy. As a result, when Princess Naomi called him to arrive to the nation quickly to negotiate on a treaty. President George Weymouth wasted no time in preparing his documents and staff for his flight to the area.
1 Day Later
After the flight, he settled into a hotel and got into a diplomatic car and drove to the building where he was to meet Naomi and the Nacatan representative.

Pearl River, Istonia
Inside A Secret Bunker

Military Generals from Naomi Brigade, Spandard Militia, Rift Militia, NK/Istonia Guards, NK/Istonia Police, Socialist Forces Nassad and Royal Kuthern Guards all sat around a table, at the Head was a fierce looking Naomi looking around at the generals. As the Xagrurgian president arrived into the room her facial expressions were blank, a salute and she was ready for business.

President George Weymouth saluted them back and took a seat. “Good afternoon Ms. Naomi,” as he extended his hand to her. She shook his hand and sat back down, “President meet the resistance, no longer will Kuthernburg be under this rule of communism, we are a democratic nation based on Socialist policies! Dammit the damn putas just invaded Spandard we have no way to get to our boys over there ! I want hear plans and they better be damn good” she said to everyone. “Well there’s always calling South Hills,” jokes George. She looked at the president with a stale face, “Mr.President I have the lives of over 40 Million innocent souls to think about, I need answers not jokes!” “Alright, alright,” says George. “According to my intelligence operations stationed in Atlantia, they’re predicting without some sort of foreign support, things are not going to go well for you. But, I can’t exactly drag my nation into another war per-se as I just came out of a major one just 4 years ago. I can however, sell you weapons and military advisors to you. Though if there were a good reason that I can manage to convey to the Xagrurgian Senate and the people, I can officially join the war on your side.” A Nassad agent smiled as he jotted down notes, the Socialist Forces leader stood up “Your Majesty 20,000 Socialist Forces in Minnetonka are awaiting your orders to attack but we need more weapons now will be a good time to procure them.” She looked at the president, she walked over to a large safe were she pulled out two briefcases “I talk business, here in these briefcases is 4 Million SHD Cash I need guns and artillery supply me and I will repay you back at wars end. We have one of the largest economies we can do it with ease” She said with a smile. “I’ll make a call to the CEO of General Guns after this meeting. I’m drinking buddies with him; he should help you out quite well. Now what intrigues me is this: how do we know that your economy won’t be devastated by the end of your war? The Morstablysian Empire north of me is collapsing inwards as a result of the Auroran War and I’m being forced to cut back on spending to make up for the massive strain on my economy from the aformentioned war.” Naomi chuckled and grinned “We aren’t the morstay or the you yanks no offense, us Kalatians feel a pride of our homeland. We will fight to we are all dead to overthrow communism, how often do you see a Princess on the front lines ?, I don’t think the morstay would ever send their precious royal family to fight ! The entire royal family is fighting here that’s the greatest morale support you can get dammit, Kalatianburg was the jewel of the Concord for almost 6 centuries. Kuthernburg is the milk and honey if Atlantia we will pay your money back quickly within 3 years of the war end.” “Actually, you’d be surprised on who fought on the frontlines in Aurora. Nobles, princes, hell even a King,” George drifting into a flashback during the war when he served as a infantryman. George snaps out of the flashback and then says, “Anyway, I’ll back your war, though I may have a hard time convincing the Isolationist Conservative Party senators to see my point.” The Chief Of Nassad finally spoke “Despair is typical of those who do not understand the causes of evil, see no way out, and are incapable of struggle. The isolationist won’t act unless they felt the power of communism first hand, it’s destructive nature that torments us all. The trouble with Communism is the Communists, just as the trouble with Christianity is the Christians. Both shall be dealt with, both will kneel” George cocks an eyebrow at the violent message of the Chief of Nacata gave and then turns to Naomi. “Now, how effectively can you mobilize your nation’s economy and people quickly to counter the sudden incursion by communist forces?”

“We are doing it already, the NK/Istonia is already at 168 Billion SHD with Spandard just behind with 78 Billion, the people are all ready to fight and we are just months away from preparing to start the war. The arrogance of the PRK is unbelievable, it won’t be too hard to keep the damage away from the cities and in the forestland” Naomi replied.

“Do the commies possess any weapons of mass destruction? Also asking you as well.” “Kuthernburg has 220 Nukes ready to fire at Prussia and Draconia as we speak, not to mention the barrels of Agent Orange and other chemical weapons. We do have control of some of the weapons upwards of 40 nukes and chemical agents” she replied as she drinks her water.

“So much for mutually assured destruction,” sighs Geoege. “Alright then, how are your forces doing against the communists so far?” Not wanting to disclose the use of Spandard Forces use of chemical weapons on the PRK she smiled “Great, Gorilla warfare is hitting them hard on the ass !”

“I’m surprised a tactical nuclear exchange hasn’t broken out yet. Or chemcial warfare.” “Ehh well god blesses us I must say” she says in reply. “Can’t say the same for Aurora unfortunately,” shrugs George. “So, let’s talk about what your nation needs. What do you specifically require?” “We just need, Ammo, Artillery and Guns. aircraft and tanks are in plenty” Naomi Replies. “Seems simple enough, gives me a dumping ground for all the surplus military equipment from the wartime buildup. Now, I don’t suppose you have any ideas on how to drag my nation into your war with my people backing it?” “Not currently, but all these fine heads will find a way by the end of the week” she smiles before drinking her water. “Well, if I get into this war, I can probably deploy the 4th Naval Task Force to Atlantia to assist you and deploy the Territorial Marines.” “Well I guess we have a deal! In the meantime this meeting is over and I hope to see you soon Mr.President” Naomi says as she stands up and salutes everyone before walking out and heading back to the Barracks.

Bankfoot, Istonia-New Kuthernburg
8 June, 1978

The streets of Bankfoot where flooded with thousands of protesters against the communist regime, shouting “Libertad, Democracia, Amor!” which meant Freedom, Democracy and Love in Spandard. The crowd was mostly Spandards and poor Telsh 52,000 people strong in the capital of what they declared a sovereign country, which was separate of PRK. Xagrurgian Soldiers, Royal Monarch Guard, Naomi Brigade, Spandard Militia, Rift Militia NK/Istonia Guards, NK/Istonia Police and the Christian Brigade could all be seen congregating in the back of the crowd while Nassad Agents were inside the crowds, this would be initially the first confrontation and the start of one of several wars.

“GET BACK AND RETURN HOME, THIS IS A UNLAWFUL GATHERING VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED!!” A Kuthern National Guard Official said in Staynish as more than 600 Soldiers started to move the crowds back, loaded with rifles and batons they had been sent to get rid of the crowd at all cost. A Nassad Agent started to speak over the coms to other groups as things started to get hot, “They’re here, got soldiers coming in from 3 sides get ready” a Agent said before the agents slipped into a building.

Just as the groups started to get prepared shots ranged from a side street, one after another the crowd screamed as the bullets started flying. The Communist government started to shoot the unarmed protesters killing 6 of them, the Nassad Agents started to fire back with their pistols ducking in and out of buildings. Naomi who was putting her gear on walked over to one of the Xagrurgian commanders “Okay Boys war has just started” before putting her rifle clip in.

“Operation Kuthern Eagle is a go, move to your positions now!,” yells David Schmidt into his radio, pulling his SB-92K submachine gun from his coat and watching his teams simultaneously equipping their weapons too and head into cover. David Schmidt then ran towards a wall besides a window and began firing at the enemy soldiers with his weapons, the other Xagrurgian Special Operations Service soldiers doing the same in the apartment building.

Bankfoot, Istonia-New Kuthernburg
8 June, 1978

The KNA soldiers let off more shots at 3 more civilians shouting “MOVE THE FUCK BACK!”, it seemed impractical to think you could move 52,000 people back in a fast order. The Kuthern Soldiers mainly didn’t give a shit about the Spandards or Poor people, the Christian Brigade was the first to fire back at the soldiers, 40 members had attended the event in cooperation with the Naomi brigade. They managed to get a good hit on at least 4 of the Soldiers before taking a casualty of their own, the sounds of gunfire quickly became louder down another corridor. Closer to the Xagrurgian and Royal Guard units a truck with a machine gun came up the alley letting off rounds into the already fleeing crowd.

The situation was getting out of hand quickly, Naomi lead her group to the alleyway shooting the car and the gunner up from behind. “Schmidt we got a ride” she said through the coms before taking the vehicle with 6 of her men driving it towards the KNA Soldiers.

“Copy that,” David said to Naomi over the radio. “We got incoming hostiles coming towards the alley boss!” said a Xagrurgian commando overlooking the street. David nodded to him and then informed the rest of the friendlies in the apartment about the incoming attack. Then he grabbed a M60E4 machine gun hidden inside a crate beside him snuck in past customs and took up a position overlooking the alley with 5 members of his squad, equipped with EM-2 assault rifles, M60E4 machine guns and one sniper rifle.

Bankfoot, Istonia-New Kuthernburg
8 June, 1978

A news reporter from Latianburg filming the war appeared out the cut of a building capturing the first act’s of the war on camera, “This is live from Bankfoot 1978 where the Rebels have taking to the streets to fight back against the Kuthern Forces, I’ve witness several protesters shot cold at point blank range” the reporter quickly said while ducking through the corridors to get to the rebel side.

The Kuthern Forces slowly attempted to close the city in with there 600 soldiers, and for a few minutes the shots seemed to end. Naomi looked out her car when she saw several helicopters fly in, she quickly put the car in reverse as the gunner continued firing at the soldiers killing some before being shot from a gunner in the helicopter. His body riddled with bullet holes was still standing smoking with his hands on the guns, as she pulled over next to a apartment building and got out with other soldiers she noticed his body. “Get him off there let’s go” she Said trying to not get emotional about seeing the body.

The helicopter gunners started to light the crowded street with the rebels and protestors up, a group of Spandard Militia soldiers quickly took shelter where the Xagrurgian Forces was. “Well we didn’t expect that… might be here longer than expected” one of them said.

“Shit, we got enemy helis on our asses!” yelled one of David’s men. “Stop yapping and start blasting with your M60 in your goddamn hands! Aim for their cockpit!,” yelled back David as he continued laying fire on the enemy soldiers on the streets as the rest of his men fire at the enemy helicopters.