Deathmatch R6 [Team Loop}

Log ago, an anime Studio made an Animated version of Sound of Music and they gave us,
Anime Julie Andrews, She has been chosen by fate to defend herself against a Pack of Parliment Cigeretts, a now defunct brand favored by many.

Gotta go with the cigarettes. I’m not a smoker, but they’re still cooler than her.

also Little known Loop fact,
Sound Of Music is Loops Favorite Movie.

Now that’s one I wouldnt’ have guessed.

Yeah…that’s a little odd.

For a good movie, nothin’ beats Zulu, Holy Grail, or The Imposters…

Well, you see, you guys are seeing this wrong…this isn’t a battle of weaponry, its a battle of wits.

In my mind, one of the cigaretes would light itself, thus attracting Anime Julie Andrews to it. She’d then take a smoke, and decide she couldn’t stop…

She’d smoke the entire pack, and then become addicted…having to buy more and more and more. In the long run, she would die of lung cancer, all because of the cigaretes.

Thus, she would lose, and the cigarettes would win…but…on the other hand, one must recognize that Julie would first smoke the cigaretes…thus burning, and killing them. In other words, she would be victorious.

Plus, theres a good chance she wouldn’t start smoking in the first place.

Thus, I must go with Anime Julie Andrews.

Cigerattes would win, Animated Julie Andrews can’t win when it comes to her cigerattes…

I dont think Julie Andrews would Smoke, she is too Pure for that kind of Taint.

Poll closes tonigt at midnight

Damn you, Andrews!

Can’t you people see that the cigarettes would defeat her!? Who has Julie Andrews killed? Nobody. Cigarettes kill tons o’ people!

with a vote of 5 for Julie and 3 for the smokes, Julie wins,
neener neener neener