Defender Awards
The 4th Annual Defender Awards are due to start on January 9th this year. All are welcome to participate in the nominations, voting, and general discussion which arises from the awards.

The Defender Awards will be lasting for a month - with 2 weeks of nominations, starting on the 9th, followed by 2 weeks of voting. 3 days after the voting is complete, the results will be announced.

The Awards are hosted by the FRA, and can be found

This year, as an addition, we are going to be having several interviews with past winners of awards, as well as (hopefully) some of those whom the awards are named after.

The awards are as follows:
The EuroSoviets Award

The EuroSoviets award is given to the nation who is viewed by the NS community as the one nation who has helped the defender cause the most in the last year.
The Ananke Award

The Ananke Award is giving to those nations who spend their own time looking out for any invasions that are taking place. This normally means staying up till very late and sacrificing their sleep for the greater good.
The Anarchotopia Award

This award is given to the organisation which has proved the most successful in preventing invasions.
The Eagles Disobey Award

This award is given to a particular region which has done its utmost to keep free regions free.
The Blackbird Award

A special award that is given to the invader group which the NS community considers the best out there due to whatever reason.
The Sir Lans Award

Newly re-named, the old ‘Updater of the Year Award’ is for the person who has been involved in more update missions than any other, and has shown dedication to be there if they are needed.
The Operation of the year

The mission which stands out from all others from the last year due to the success, the numbers involved or any other reason.
The Best newcomer Award (for region, nation, organisation)

Given to the region, nation or organisation which has appeared within the last year, and impressed the defender community the most.
The Dipes Award

Given to the nation whom has best served the Intelligence cause.
The Worst Invasion Award

The award given to the operation which was classed as the worst invasion due to defender mistakes, invader cunning or any other reason.
The Best Defender Quote

A light hearted award, given to the nation whose quote or motto has been considered strange, funny or different.
The Meltdown of the Year Award

Given to a nation, region or organisation which has self imploded in spectacular (and often hilarious) style.
The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication to Defending

The award given to the nation who has been a dedicated servant to the defender cause for many years, often sacrificing different luxuries in order to help as much as they can.

Again, all are welcome to attend - even neutrals & invaders. Visit the to attend.

The nominations period closed yesterday, and voting started this morning. If you’re interested in voting, please visit the FRA forums for more information - make sure you vote soon, as voting closes in 2 weeks time.