Dept. of Intraregional Affairs

Department of International Affairs
(Idea freely stolen from Gnidrah when he wasn’t looking.)

The Department of International Affairs is pleased to announce that Kangarawa would once again like to open its doors to the nations of the East Pacific. At the present moment, we are accepting applications for the following:

Embassy and Ambassador Exchange
Consulate and Consul Exchange
30 day or matched visas
Extradition Treaty
Peace Treaty

If approved, nations may place up to two Embassies or Consulates, with one Ambassador or Consul in each. One of the two must be located in Tasman City, the capital of Kangarawa. The other will be located in either Kandis or Yosmen.

Applications should be forwarded to:

David Miller
Dept. of International Affairs
35 Braxton Drive
Tasman City, Kangarawa