Douria Fired in Corporate Shake-Up

Douria Fired in Corporate Shake-Up
The new face of corporate leadership in Gatesville Inc.

2 July, 2013

Corporate HQ, Gatesville Inc. Shares of Gatesville Inc. were off to a rocky start this morning after CEO Nevadar fired Douria as President of the Osiris branch. Douria rose from the janitor’s closet to the executive washroom in a brief but turbulent tenure.

He left amid an ethics cloud shortly after the hostile takeover of Osiris. It’s unknown what role, if any, Douria will play in the new corporate hierarchy. He’s reportedly working as a barista at the Starbucks in the lobby.

Durkadurkiranistan, aka JAL, was appointed shortly after the announcement. Durk “The Liquidator” has a history of hostile takeovers, most recently with Milograd International in TSP.

"Tough economic times call for dynamic and capable leadership and there’s no one better than Durk, "Nevadar said as she introduced the new president at a stockholder’s meeting earlier today, “Since his days in The Pacific he’s been a friend, a colleague and a confidant for years and it’s time Gatesville Inc. took a page from his playbook”

Almost immediately after assuming the post Durk announced massive layoffs at the Osiris plant.

Written by New Kervoskia
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