[DRAFT] Repeal "Individual Working Freedoms"

Noting the noble motives of 302 GA, namely, to prevent the micromanagement of national economies at an international level,

Rejecting, alongside 302 GA, the imposition of a hard limit on the workweek or on workhours at an international level due to the differing needs of individuals in different species,

Believing, however, that some sort of carefully-crafted international legislation regarding workhours is neccesary in order to protect individuals from economic exploitation and effective enslavement to a corporate entity,

Afraid that the lack of such substantive, international action neccesarily leads to a ‘race to the bottom’ of labour deregulation, as member nations try to keep up with each other in industry,

Seeking also a resolution to protect the rights of paid family leave,

Yearning, therefore, in the name of worker’s rights, to place the issue of workhours back into the domain of the General Assembly,

The General Assembly, by the advice and consent of the Delegates and member nations thereof, does hereby repeal 302 GA, “Individual Working Freedoms.”