Eight Minutes to Update

This is chapter one of a multi-part book about a group of professional game-players who decide to coup Elysium, a region they helped establish.

Disclaimer: All characters and events are fictional and any resemblance to real life persons or events are purely incidental.

Eight Minutes to Update
An inside look at the making of a coup

Chapter One
“Fuck”, Irdogen said, “Fifteen minutes to update.”
“If we’re going to do this we need to do it now”, Lavrenti shouted back.

Lavrenti was agitated. Everyone was agitated. Everyone was waiting, pacing, ready to kill each other - everyone but Irdogen. He was fighting his own battle.

“Fuck it. They know”, he concluded, “It’s off.”

But maybe they didn’t? Shit we’re too paranoid. We’re reading things that aren’t there. There’s time. We have a chance.

These thoughts went back and forth in Irdogen’s head. Indecision was a poison. He was a veteran. This didn’t seem right.

“Okay let’s go”, he said with a subtle nod.

“Thank the fucking lord”, Baron Monty spat out, exasperated and on edge. He had worked with Irdogen before. Cold, clean, professional. Why should this time be any different?

Alsatia wasn’t relieved just yet.

“Are you sure this time?”

“Ten minutes to update”, he said, “Livia, how many left?”

Livia looked up and said very matter-of-factly, “You’ve got them.”

Lavrenti rose quickly to his feet while Baron Monty and Alsatia turned to each other in frustration. Irdogen slowly lifted his head, his eyes meeting hers.

“You’ve got them. They’re in the region.”
“That puts us at -”
"One-hundred-ninety,”"Lavrenti shouted, “Fifteen under!”

Before anyone could say anything Livia turned sharply to them, “You have what I have and that wasn’t easy. So don’t.”

She was ready to either pull the trigger or pull out her troops. Few in number, but fiercely loyal, they were the remnants of her army in the Sovereign Union. After the region fell, they’d all scattered but were always ready for the call to action from their commander. Livia hadn’t planned to come back now, but the opportunity presented itself. But this is not what was planned. This is not what she’d been told.

“Eight minutes to update,” Baron Monty said and tossed his watch in the trash. What good is a watch now? Not enough time, not enough endorsements.

Written by New Kervoskia
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