Endorsement Cap Magister Debate

I think I’m following the process for citizens to comment on Magister proposals.

With regard to any promises I might have made about the endorsement cap while I was delegate, I think there may be some confusion.

(1) I obviously did not know what I was doing when I first started the job. I would make a statement. Kandarin, Loop, and others would say something like … that’s not a good idea … it’s been tried before and failed … so I would back off my orginal statement and suggest something else.

(2) I set a temporary endorsement cap at 80 for a couple of reasons. At the time, lots of nations were seeking “protective” endorsements. After Lady Phedre had booted a bunch of nations, it had become clear that one way to protect oneself was to gather endorsements and increase the influence cost of being ejected. Before Lady Phedre was gone, Dannistaan and I had encouraged everyone to endorse one another as a defensive measure. So, the region was full of endo-swapping and the highest endorsement total was in the mid-60s. Rather than trying to bring everyone down to 50 (the old limit), I set it at 80 to give people a little breathing room and to give me a little time before I would have to start ejecting anyone.

(3) I said the endorsement cap was temporary and the new government would take on the responsibility of setting a new one. Some people may have interpreted that as a “higher” one, but I was not trying to imply anything. Loop and I discussed having the elders make an official statement about the endorsement cap, but we never pushed it.

(4) The region seems very good at self-policing. If someone exceeds the limit, we have had good success with endorsements being removed to bring the offender back into compliance.

So, I think the Magesterium should set the limits as they see fit, without any concerns about what I may have said or implied. I think there are still several nations in the region who would like to have a higher total as protection. The Lady Phedre experience is still fresh for some. Others may have a goal of someday being a Delegate or Vizier. There should be a process to allow people to pursue those goals.