Europeia Rockin' the House

'ello! I’m Aramor Anacreoni-Anumia Dion, replacement for your previous ambassador (who has now retired) Carracalla!

Your forums confuse me, by the way. Is there any place I need to apply for sumtin’?

Hola, Aramor.

I suspect that seeing as the Embassy is fully functional, you’ll only need the right permission mask to post there and it’s still possible for you to post everywhere else (though I’m often wrong!:P).

Perhaps a PM to East Malaysia, DFD or Packilvania would help. :slight_smile:


Welcome to TEP!

None of the ambassadors have mask actually. I plan to change that eventually.

You should be able to see the embassy section since other ambassadors can fine. It is under Embassy Row:

Hrm. So I’m allowed to post updates and act as in ambassador in full?