Fall of Tiervan

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5th October 2005, Saturikaup, Tiervan
Twain Aukusti was waving and smiling to the crowd that was assembled outside the presidential palace while he was standing outside in the balcony, his party the National People’s Union Party having just won the national election gaining 40% of the vote. Despite winning the most votes and is responsible to forming a government, he is still not satisfied. Knowing fully that passing any legislation through the parliament will be hard when he does not have the majority. That is why he hated the parliamentary system or democracy in general, however for now he will be working with that broken system. Once he has established power around him everything will be much easier to rule.
As he ready himself and his mic that was in front of him, he took a deep breath and put his hand on his chest and spoke. “I swear on my duty as president and on my people of this great land to never waver, lie or betray my nation. The welfare of my people will be in highest importance. I will stand strong against foreign pressure, and as long as I live this island will be united!” with the last line Twain salute his people like how a soldier salute his general. The crowd exploded in cheers and applause, with the paramilitary standing in attention in the corner of the big balcony. While the other party politicians look nervously around as the speech given was not the normal one that presidents are expected to give when becoming president. Normally a president of Tiervan was supposed to swear an oath to the constitution and on Nori or the god Alvitur. While the other politicians on the balcony whispered to themselves what this will mean, for a certain former president who just had to resign, Svein Aabo knew at least one thing. His career as politician will be in danger and seeing how the paramilitary of the National People’s Union Party has attacked his party in the past, his life as well. His only hope is that the Dwarven king in the autonomous region of Dvergal Syd in the south will resist.
After the assembly Svein was immediately cornered by Twain.
“What is it Twain? Kind of want to go home with my wife and children” Svein says while preparing to run in case Twain is there to danger his life. Thinking that Twain is hiding a weapon under his black trench coat.
“Now now calm down I just want to talk very quickly” Twain says giving him a slight smirk.
“About what?” Svein says calming down a little
“I need your help to pass this new proposal I am thinking off?” Twain says with giving him an small but kind smile
“Just became a president and already asking help passing proposals?” Svein asks raising a brow. Not hearing a response, he sighs. “Sure… but you better give every single detail about it”
“Great” Twains says excitedly as he leads Svein the president office and closes the doors.

5th October 2005, Saturikaup, Tiervan

“Do you think I’m a bloody idiot” Svein said annoyed
“Listen to m-“ Twain says before getting cut off
“No, I have read through this whole document, every single detail about this proposal. Strengthen the executive power to allow it to make easier foreign policy decisions? Absolutely not! At least not under your government.” Svein said before stood up angrily he took his breath, “why are even asking me this? Your paramilitary has harassed members of my party, making agreement with a party that literally is attacking us make no sense!”
Twain takes a sip of his coffee, as he looks up at Svein giving him a raised eyebrow. Svein realize that he has spilled his coffee cup on the floor and sighed. He went down to clean it up with some tissues he borrowed, going under the coffee table to do so.
“What if I dissolve the paramilitary?” Twain says hearing Svein head bang into the coffee table he guesses he has his interest. “Not only that, I would be willing to pass the welfare program that the Social People Party failed to do under your government”
As Svein stand up from under the table, he studies Twain face. No emotion was showed, he was just looking of to the distance as he took more sips from his coffee. Svein has never met a man so cold and emotionless. Svein honestly don’t know how to feel about the deal. The paramilitary being dissolve would greatly help his party not to mention the paramilitary of the NPUP was often had it’s most radical members. Ensuring they don’t bring any more problem would help of perhaps moderate the president. Not to mention that by passing the welfare program, several hundred thousands of people will get the help they need. In all what makes sense this is a good deal, however. Does he trust Twain? The man is making this deal, but why? Sure, he wants him to support his executive legislation, but by promising all this he is also putting himself in less favourable deal. Twain is planning something that is for sure, however he can’t let this deal go away.
“Fine I’ll support your deal” Svein said, as Twain stood up to shake hands on it. “but only if you promise that the paramilitary will never return again” Twain looked annoyed by that but nodded.
“That is fine, so we have a deal then?” Twain said stretching out his hand
“We have a deal” Svein said shaking hands with Twain. Shaking hands with the devil

22th May, 2007, Saturikaup, Tiervan

It was a bright morning in the Tieresh capital. President Twain was drinking his cup of coffee as he did every other morning, sitting by the dining table while reading the recent newspaper. Wearing some normal jeans and a white dress shirt. Today is supposed to be a relaxing day. His children and wife already doing their daily duties going to either work or school. The only family member sitting by the dinning table was Twain’s mother, Aada. Having come there to talk with her son alone, the 57-year-old woman has had falling out with her son since he joined the National Union Party, 17 years ago. All communication between them stopping 10 years ago. Now that her son is not only leader of said party, but president of the nation it was better now then never to mend the relationship between them. Both nervous and determined she looks into her son’s eyes, not that he was looking at her. He was busy reading the news, with the occasional sip of his coffee. 
Calming her nerves and holding her breath, she breaths out and is about to speak up. Only to hear her son sigh, “If you here to congratulate me for becoming a president I have to say you are bit late, two years late to be exact.” Twain says in a cold and matter of fact way, while looking at that damn newspaper. Not in the way a son would speak to his mother.
“Son i-“ Aada started before being interrupted again by Twain “Oh so I am your son, thought you forgot about that 10 years ago, or maybe you did but you just remembered it now” Twain said still not lifting his gaze away from the newspaper but it is quite clear he is not reading it anymore.
“Please-“ Aada started again becoming more and more frustrated. “Not that I don’t understand why, last time we spoke you said I was the worst thing that happen in your life. I guess me making my own decisions is to terrible for you” This time Twain’s voice was cold but had a hint of sadness and anger in it.
“STOP!” Aada said loudly as she slammed her hands on the dining table, luckily for Twain his coffee cup was in his hands, so his coffee was not spilled. This time Twain for the first time looked up from the newspaper and looked at his mother, giving eye contact. “There are many things that I regret son, and I regret those words. However, I would have regretted more is if I allow things be like it is now.” Aada becomes teary eyed but determined she swallow those tears back and continues. “Even if you can not forgive me, at the very least we can become family once more”.
Twain drinks up the rest of his coffee, and slowly stands up. He looks out the window for a second, thinking over his options. He is not even sure what his mother was saying is even what she means, or if she truly just wants the old life back. As he was about to respond to her, his phone rings. As he looks to his phone to who was calling, he sees the number of his colleague, mentor and former leader of the National Union Party, Loke Pahauko. He gives a small smile to his mother which seems to brighten her day as she gives a warm smile. Twain excuse himself from his mother and goes to another room to speak with Loke.
“Loke what is it?” Twain says as answers the phone. “Well you know how you asked me about how your mother was doing?” Loke said from the other side, sounding older and older every time Twain talked to him. Loke was nearing his 70s, Twain has asked him to retire but the elderly man rejected such an idea. Even though Loke was very willing to retire as party leader in 2000 and gave it to Twain. Twain found it weird but did not think much about it, Loke was after all in many ways his father figure after his father’s death in 1980. He has been there for him when he was drinking away his sadness in the 1990s. “Yeah but that was almost a year ago, thought you said you found nothing that would make her be a problem for our party’s ambitions?” Twain answered back now confused. He heard a sigh from the other side and heard some ruffling of papers. “You know about the blogger and article writer, Ada Kustaaui?” Twain gave a small chuckle as he thought about that annoying woman “The one that has written blogs about wanting me dead since I became party leader? Sure have, her article about me accusing me wanting genocide and all other insane stuff gave me quite the chuckle” he said not being available to stop laughing.
“That is your mother, if you change up with the letters it spells out the name Aada Aukusti, your mother’s name” Loke said in a serious tone, as he got no response back he continued “the fact that miss Kustaaui never has had one picture of herself in her blogs or even any real indication of actual identifiable evidence that she exist outside her name makes it very much seem like it is just a pen name.”
Twain was fighting back his fury and anger but calmed himself “This all could all still be a coincidence, there is plenty of people who could have used such a pen name. Let’s not jump into conclusions here” As he hears a tired sigh from the other end. “I can send you the sources from what I have gathered, even talk about it in a later today but for now I’ll advice you not to be near your mother. You have to remember once you truly take power of the entire nation, and dissolve the parliament, you should be harsh on any opposition papers.” With that Loke puts down his phone and end the conversation.
Twain was not sure what to believe about what was just spoken. He only knows what he feels, and that is anger. That Loke is accusing his mother for being that damned blogger, the same article writer that wants him dead. Even so, there is the more logical and cynical side with him. The one telling him that his mother that he remembers may be very different, and that she never liked his party. He almost forgot that she was in the other room, until he heard knocking from the said room and the concerned voice of his mother. “Are you okay? Did something happen?” he heard his mother ask.
“I’m fine, there is just some… certain issues that I need to discuss with Loke about” Twain said giving his mother a warm smile, or at least attempted to do so. His smile came off has rather stiff. His mother noticed it, but decided it was best not to be too push on the subject. “As such I must move, let us talk later. I can even give you a lift back home.” He suggested.
“No no my dear it is quite fine, I can get home myself.” As she was about to leave, she gave one small smile back at her son, then left. With a sigh Twain goes to his room to take on his suit. Before sending a message to Loke that they will have that discussion about his mother. If she ends up being what Loke is claiming her to be, he will have to use his executive powers to silence her. Though he is not sure he will have the will power to do so.

5th November 2009, Saturikaup, Presidential Building

“It has been almost two years since president Twain dissolved the parliament and took complete power over the state. The president has broken all trade agreements with Norgsveldet, agreements that was made by former presidents. In other ne-“
The television that was showing the news channel was turned off. Twain let go off the of the remote control and continued at his work. The president’s office was silent, as the president was dealing with paperwork, the only sounds coming from the moving of papers and writing of a pen. Or that was such until he heard a knock on the door to his office.
“Who is it?” Twain asked loudly, so that the ones outside the door can hear him.
“Sir, a lady by the name of Aada is here to see you. She is standing outside the building should we allow her in?” Came a voice from the other side of the door. One of the republican guards that was there to protect him
“Yes, yes send her up here at once” Twain said rather nervously, as he took out the gun that had in his desk locker. It was a black painted deagle, one he has carried for defence ever since he became a public figure. He stared at it for several minutes until he decided to put it in the waistband of his pants.
“You better be doing a damn good job out there Loke” Twain said to himself annoyed, as he waited in silence for his mother’s arrival.

In the streets of Saturikaup.
The rain was pouring along the late streets of Saturikaup if the rain won’t keep you from coming outside then the amount of uniformed men walking in the streets would. On lookers would nervously walk away seeing the long lines of men in black and blue uniforms while wearing bulletproof vests. These men were equipped with hand guns and assault rifles. There were however also a company of soldiers that stood in front of those uniformed men. Better equipped and more importantly better trained. There were however two main figures leading on. One red haired woman by the name of Jade Manner, the captain over the company of soldiers. The other one was an elderly man, head of the Tieresh Secret Police, by the name of Loke Pahauko.
They march through the streets until they arrived at a large building, nodding to their respected troops the building is surrounded by both the soldiers and the secret police. All exists covered by those men, Jade and Loke went to the back of the building. Giving the signal to the troops in the front to break in to the building, Jade took out her semi-automatic pistol, as she prepared herself and staying calm. Loke took out his revolver and was having problems staying still. Jade first thought this was Loke being nervous or tense, but after seeing the small smile on his face and the glow in his eyes. She could not be more wrong.
As they here gun shoots be fired from the front, Loke storms into the back door. Making Jade curse at him, as she runs after him.
“Gods damn it! What the heck was that!?” she says loudly to Loke not knowing where he went, until her mouth was covered by a hand, hitting the guy behind her with the elbow to the stomach, makes the hand get off. Turning around she sees it is Loke glaring at her. Before she could speak up, Loke made the hand signal to keep her quiet. Loke points at himself and the staircase leading up, a red flag can be seen over it. Jade nods at Loke understanding that he is covering the top, Loke then points at her and the stairs leading to the basement. Gun shots can still be heard coming from the other parts of the building, now from both west part and eastern part. With the same smile and glow as before Loke nods at Jade walk silently up the stairs. With a sigh Jade does the same for the stairs leading down.
As Loke walks up the stairs he encounters a guard walking down it, he rushes to the unexpected guard and kills him with his knife. He silently lay the dead body down at the stairs to not make any noise. He continues walking up the stairs until he hears voices coming out from the corner of it.
“Boss what we going to do?” He hears a nervous and quite voice come from the corner.
“YOU guys stay here and fucking die for bringing them here, I’ll be escaping this fucking disaster!” An angry feminine voice yells in response. Loke smirks as he hears the voice, he found his target. He looks at the shadows on the wall to his left side, as the light shine to the group of people from the right. He counts seven shadows which makes him curse as he realizes he only have six bullets in his revolver.
“Now, now miss Kustaaui that is not how you treat your fellow comrades now is it?” Loke says as he steps out of the corner taunting the women in front of him and her men. The six badly uniformed men, wearing red bandages on their left arms pulls out their handguns, but get almost immediate shot down by Loke. With a wide smile the elderly man laughs as he sees them dead in the ground, old veteran still has his old tricks. Loke almost forgot about the woman, just notice her running for a gun to a desk near her. Loke throws his knife at Kustaaui hitting her in the leg. The middle-aged women scream in pain, making Loke smile at her suffering. As Loke walks closer to her, Kustaaui takes out the knife and stands back. She tries to stab Loke, just for him to step to the side and hit her with the blunt end of his gun. Making her fall over. He drags her by the hair to the other side of the room. “Took me a long time to find you, way to long” Loke says as he hit her in the jaw with the same blunt end of his gun. “We tried to search your name all over the archives and nothing. It was almost like it was not your real name. Ada Kustaaui, no names been set by that name in Tieresh schools, work or public life. Only in a subpar blogs and articles in socialist newspapers.”
Ada spits blood at Loke’s face “Fuck you!” she yells as blood come out of her mouth.
Loke cleans off her blood from his face, and smirks as he hits her in the back of the head.
“As I was saying. I first thought it was just a pen name, until we got a notification from a little ‘bird’ that you probably know” Loke says with a smirk as he sees Ada’s eyes turn sorrow. “indeed, the same friend who helped you across the border, was the same one would be the reason you will see Hells border” Loke laughed at his own dark joke. “Ironic that you escaped Dvalheim because of you being afraid to be put in jail for being a socialist revolutionary, only to get tortured for being one here” Loke says as he starts beating up Ada with his gun, bones and pained muffled screams coming out of the former socialist. A bloodied Jada having dealt with issues in the basement have went up to check on Loke, something she regrets. She gives a small prayer to Nori for some mercy on the poor woman’s soul. After such she decide to back away from the scene in front of her, hoping that man will never be anything more then the Head of Tieresh Secret Police.

15th January 2020, Saturikaup, President office

It would be a massive understatement to say that the president was angry, Twain was extremely furious. The office was filled with government officials and military leaders, though they luckily not the ones that is feeling the president’s ire. No, that reward goes to the man that is standing in the middle of the room. That man goes by the name of Yvar Nieminen in Tiervan, however in Dvalheim he was known as Peter Njordson. Was known that is. Not long time ago this dark blonde bearded man, was almost killed by the Norgsveltian millitary and was close to get captured by the Dvalian Security Force. His left arm was even broke while escaping back to Tiervan.
“You are an absolute moronic and an incompetent idiot! YOU ATTACKED NORGSVELTIAN MILLITARY WITH SMALL ARMS AND PISTOLS?!” Twain said with a dark furious voice, but there was a sense of nervousness and fear in it. Sweat was dripping from his brow. The president even having put a hand on his chair to keep standing. While the other people in the office either was showing their nervousness or was just very good at hiding it, Loke was in the corner trying not to snigger on the situation. For others it would have looked like just touching his grey beard
“Sir let me explain” Yvar started saying, the poor man was in the middle of the room was trying his absolute best to keep calm. Yvar was not a man afraid of death, but neither did he want it, though he rather want death then feeling this humiliation. Yvar was going to talk more but he was interrupted.
“You better pray to whatever god you follow be it Alvitur or Nori, that I don’t just fire you at once.” Twain said his face red in anger as he points at Yvar.
Loke walked up next to Yvar “Well Twain now Nori is not really a god” Loke joked, giving a small laugh to calm things down.
Twain glared at Loke, which made Loke cough to clear his voice. “Look. Yvar here while fucking up his mission at Dvalheim, can still be very valuable for our plans against Norgsveldet.” Twain said walking in front of Yvar and facing Twain. As he saw Twain calming down and his anger slowly disappearing, he took out a map that he was holding. Rolling it out Twain could see the map having two big circles on it. One circling a group of islands called Isles of Hel, belonging to Norgsveldet. Twain would never call himself an history expert, but he remembers the origins of those islands belonging a native nation until Norgsveldet went and annexed it all sometime in the late 1700s. Even remember the Norgsveltian soldiers massacring the natives as they did so. The other circle was around a lone island north of Eurokraine. This one was generally only the home of Norgsveltian soldiers and a port for Norgsveltian ship. Other then that Twain knew little about that island. Only remembering it being called Gustafsborg, after some damned Norgsveltian king.
“What about those islands Loke? My patience is running thin” Twain said in annoyed voice, all he really wants his to fire Yvar and get done with the rest of the meeting. “And you better not say attacking them. We don’t have the missiles ready for that in the south, and they are way too well defended. We do not want war with Norgsveldet yet”
“I was thinking more of sabotaging them from within. When Yvar’s arm become better in like 3 to 4 weeks, we can send him and some commanders to sabotage some important infrastructure in the Isles of Hel. Make it look like an accident, the Norgsveltians will have to focus on that it will give us some breathing room” Loke said as he pointed on each island the sabotages will happen, smiling in an attempt to persuade his president.
“What if they get caught?” Twain said as he stared at Loke, looking him right in the eyes not even looking where Loke is pointing.
“They won’t” Loke said as he looked back at twain, still smiling but his eyes clearly show his annoyance.
“They did last time” Twain crossed his arms not getting very much persuaded.
“Give the guy a second chance, won’t you?” Loke said as he put his hands on the president’s desk, his smile starting to falter.
“You the last one who can talk about second chances! This plan won’t happen unless you can ensure me it won’t get caught.” Twain said annoyed. Sitting down at his chair.
“Oh, come on! Norgsveldet has no idea we are involved with the militia attack. For what they know the militia attacked their military with out our help. They did not even catch the leader of it!” Loke said as he pointed at Yvar who flinched a little bit.
As Twain was going to response, he heard his phone ringing, with a sigh Twain picked up the phone. “Twain here, who is it?” Twain answered the phone keeping a calm attitude. “Johanna Sverdrup? You found evidence of what?” Twain said wide eyed, which quickly turned to a glare as he looked at Loke and Yvar, the former of which was backing away. Loke only stopped backing away after Twain reached out and hold Loke by the tie, glaring at Loke while he did it. “Sverdrup you must be confused, that can’t be possible.” Twain said with sincerity, but his face showing sarcasm.

15th January 2020, Osfjord, Prime Minister’s Office

Johanna Sverdrup sighs to herself, as she puts down her phone and pinch the bridge of her nose. Having just talked to the president of Tiervan just for him to deny all the information about a certain Yvar Nieminen. The same person Dvalheim’s security force has just found out was the leader and organiser against some Norgsveltian military personnel in Dvalheim. This require a strong and strict response however Sverdrup understand she must not get Kuthernburg against her on this. If it was up to her, she would have crushed Tiervan’s government at once and get the entire island under Dvalheim’s control. That would however probably not fall on good earth with Kuthernburg and not to mention his majesty has been reluctant on the idea of going to war. When considering that Olav I was reluctant on just sending the fleet to be placed between Eyjaria and Kyrloth during the end of 2019, she could find it even harder to convince Olav to do anything military like against Tiervan. That is not to say impossible, just hard. Either way for now Johanna must react with caution. Picking up the phone again Johanna call up the number of High Councilman Prince Sverre in Dvalheim, it is time to hold a diplomatic meeting in Vinby. Maybe even have other leaders specially those within the UCA to meet up there as well, Kjolf Bardson of Eyjaria would defently be interested. Johanna is not completely sure Areuína Carrenéias would be interested in the situation. However, a talk with Sverre is needed first, as her thoughts ended with that Sverre finally answered.
“Who is it?” A rough and harsh voice came through from the other end.
“Ah your highness it’s me Johanna Sverdrup, I was calling for the possibility of organising a diplomatic meeting in Vinby for the special situation we are dealing with when it comes to Tiervan and their attack” Johanna voice answered back with a cold and icy tone.
“My guess this meeting will have others then just us?” Sverre answered this time with a bit more laid-back voice.
“Indeed, however before that meeting I want to schedule a meeting just between us then a press Conference about the situation and future meeting.”
“That is fine, when are we holding it?”
“In two days, I’ll be coming to Dvalheim tomorrow”
Johanna Sverdrup just put down the phone ending the conversation, only hearing a surprised and nervous “What! Tomorrow?!” before ending the conversation.
With a tired sigh she notified her personal pilot about her flight to Dvalheim. These next few weeks will be hectic.

17th January 2020

As her plane was landing at Vinby’s international airport Sverdrup can’t help but feel the need to smile. Despite the situation behind her visit she always loved visiting this city. Dvalheim in generally she loved, often having stated that Dvalheim is like a second home to her. She has not been here since before becoming prime minister. She only wished it was for better reasons for being here.
“Quite rare to see you smile prime minister” His majesty king Olav I stated next to her, shaking her out of her thoughts. “Especially in situations like this” said as he was reading a newspaper not even giving her eye contact.
“Not sure what you are talking about your majesty I smile quite a lot I would say” Johanna Sverdrup said back.
“Not genuine ones, most of the time I see the old and fake smiles. That one was genuine, one filled with warmth” Olav said as he flipped to the next page of the newspaper. It was a Dvalian newspaper, with news about the most recent events in Dvalheim. “I also doubt it is because of my brother, you and him rarely meet eye to high in these meetings”
Johanna sighed as Olav finished speaking, “It is because it has been awhile since I last time was in Vinby, it was one of the first foreign cities I have visited. Always loved the city ever since. If only it was not because of this damned situation with Tiervan.” She growled in the last part of the statement. “At least this time your brother can’t exactly go against me in this situation, the options of handling Tiervan is becoming less and less”
Olav for the first time since they started talking looked up from the newspaper and gave side eyed glance at Johanna. “Remember that what ever options you chose, that if it is military matters I need to be informed. My opinion of this situation matters”
“Ofcourse your majesty, such it is written in the constitution.” Johanna said calmly despite her annoyance with the statement. She knows it is very true, but also knows that means his majesty may get in the way in her plans for dealing with Tiervan.
The conversation was interrupted with the finally landed at the ground. The two of them going out of the airplane with bags in hands. Leaving with other normal passengers who was taking the plane as well. With the king even take some selfies with the younger passengers by requests. The two of them is greeted by High Councilman Prince Sverre who has two council guards on both side of him.
Him wearing a white suit with a black shirt and a red tie. With the two brothers giving each other a hug.
“Little brother it has been to long!” Olav said as he gave his slightly shorter brother a big hug. “Maybe once you done with your meeting with my prime minister that way could take some glass of beers!”
“Olav! I did not know you where going to be here” Sverre said excited it has been over a year since last time they met. “If we go drinking a think you may have a hard time out drinking me!” Sverre said as they both laughed good heartily as they separated the hug and keeping a hand on each other’s shoulder.
With fake coughing coming from behind Olav, Sverre looked over Olav’s shoulder and quickly straighten his tie. “Ah miss Sverdrup it’s a pleasure meeting you again” Sverre said as he stretched out his hand to shake the woman’s.
“Your highness I think I have to interrupt your ideas of having a drinking contest with your brother, the meeting we soon going to have is going to last long” Sverdrup said in a cold and matter of fact way. “Your majesty was going to visit the soldiers deployed in a base near the border, right? I am sure Prince Sverre can call for someone to drive you there. While you there you could visit the wounded soldiers as well, I am sure them seeing the monarch they are fighting for will raise their spirits”
“Indeed… seems like a good idea to do” Olav said walking away with a council guard to leave those two for their meeting but before that he whispered to Sverre good luck. With a sigh Sverre faced with a less then pleased prime minister.
“You better have some good information and ideas how to deal with Tiervan, or else I will do it militarily”

19th January 2020, military base 50 km away from the border

As Olav arrived at the base, leaving the armoured car he was just in. He was immediately greeted by a company of soldiers and a sergeant, with them all saluting their king. Olav smiled and saluted back, “Your majesty we were reported that you were going to visit the base, but never told what for” the sergeant said like it was just a statement, though Olav could guess that the sergeant wanted to know the actual reason behind the visit. “I was thinking of visiting the soldiers that fought with those Tieresh Nationalists, while also meeting with the two founded soldiers” Olav said with enthusiasm and hope, “I thought that maybe the soldiers would be more motivated if they saw that I am here to support them!”
The sergeant looks at his king with sadness in his eyes, but a smile on his lips. The soldiers get ordered by the sergeant to move back to their training routine, the king raises an eyebrow as he sees this. “It is indeed nice to hear that your majesty has come to encourage the troops. But sadly, the two wounded soldiers died not that long ago” The sergeant said his voice giving away his sadness despite his best attempts to remain professional.
Olav’s eyes go wide for second before he closes them again, as his hands goes to his chest to grab his mjølnir necklace and take a deep breath. As he prays for them in silence. “That is very unfortunate, I still hope I can meet the other troops” Olav says as releases the grasp on his necklace. The sergeant nods giving a small smile as he gives the typical “Yes your majesty” in response.
But before Olav could go into the base with the soldiers, a female elf dressed in a general uniform approached Olav. “Olav? Is that you?” The king turns around to see one of his old friends. Before he even could say anything the woman jogs at him arms wide to give the king a hug. “Man, it has been a very long time since we last met!” the woman went by the name Alvida Sverdter, a Dvalian major general. Though for Olav he only knows her as an old friend from when both was studying in a military school in Osfjord. “Alvida? I-I can’t belive it! It has been like what 10 years since we last met?” Olav said laughing as he hugged back.
As they back away from each other, Alvida looked at Olav up and down. “You have changed alot I especially dig the beard~” Alvida said teasingly as she scratches her chin like she had an imaginary beard. Olav laughed nervously at the teasing however, he notices the symbol of what rank she was. His eyes widening “You are a major general?!” Alvida smiles proudly as Olav notices. Giving a sly smirk towards Olav “What did you really not think I’d not hold up my word, did you underestimate me so much?” Alvida said in a fake hurt voice. The king roles his eyes at the antics of his old friend. “So, what you are doing here? I was here to encourage the troops” Olav asked curiously. “Ah very nice to hear about that! We have just been ordered that we may move into Tieresh territory anytime soon. Our soldiers need the motivation beforehand! I’m here to be a part of the generals in the offensive”
“Wait what?!” Olav said in shock, never been told about this. He immediately tried to call his prime minister, but none came. “By Odin’s beard!” his voice not being available to hide the rage that came out of it. Alvida looked at Olav concerned, not knowing what is happening. For Olav it was clear, his own prime minister tricked him.

19th January, 2020.
After trying to call his prime minister several times Olav gives up trying to call her. His hand almost ending up crushing the phone with how hard he was holding it. After standing still in silence for a few minutes, thinking over what he is going to do with the situation.
“Is everything fine Olav?” A concerned voice came from behind Olav shaking him out of his thoughts. Turning around he sees Alvida looking at him, her face not hiding the concern and confusion on her mind. Putting a hand on his shoulder to show support. Olav look at his shoulder and gives a small smile towards his old friend.
“Its fine…” He lied. After calming himself he turns around to face Alvida. “Before I go to motivate the soldiers would you mind if you showed me the way to the other leaders here so I could see the strategy you guys will be using?”
“Sure, I doubt they would reject you joining us in the planning phase anyway, and I am the highest in command here.” Alvida said as she shrugged her shoulders, as she looked at Olav. Her cheeks flushed as she saw the warm smile Olav gave her. “Still as handsome as ever…” she muttered quietly towards herself.
“What?” Olav said not entirely sure he heard her correctly.
“Um it’s nothing! Let me show you the tent in which the planning is being done in!” Alvida said quickly as she dragged Olav by the hand to the headquarters of the military camp, a blush on her face as she did. As they entered the tent they were immediately meet with stares from the officers and generals that was there. Understanding why they were staring Alvida let go of Olav’s hand as she scratched the back of her head as she gave out a nervous giggle. Olav gave his old friend a glance before he straightens out his suit. The officers seem a bit surprised about how Alvida is acting as they know her as a strict woman with a military genius not as someone who seemed to blush like a schoolgirl. Their attention being taken away from Alvida when they hear Olav clearing his throat.
“Good morning gentlemen, I was hoping to see the current plans you have when it comes to dealing with Tiervan. Seeing how you guys are prepared to move in” Olav said his voice deeper and more serious than normal.
The different officers and generals look toward each other, nervous if they should really be showing the king this information. A sigh could be heard from behind the group of officers as it did a tall dark-haired man wearing a Norgsveltian general uniform and not a Dvalian one step forth. Spreading out a map across a table then wave Alvida and Olav come closer to the table.
“If you look closely your majesty the eastern Dvalian division lead by major general Alvida will cover the most eastern flank with two regiments from my division trained in mountain combat helping. When there is breakthrough that flank, the western forces will also start their” The unknown general spoke, as he pointed to the various hill tops the eastern forces will occupy. As the general continued Olav noticed that according to the plan the Tieresh army is supposed to be unprepared for an offensive.
“Wait a second general, why do you and the plan seem to suggest there would be less tieresh soldiers to face then it was for a year ago? Last year almost every general I spoke to suggest a defensive style of warfare against Tiervan why that is changed?” Olav stated confused.
This time Alvida spoke as she took out some papers from a document as spread it out at the table as well. “With the newest reports coming from some of our spies in Tiervan between 30,000-60,000 Tieresh soldiers has been removed from the border to fight a new insurgency in south of Tiervan. Their border has never been as lightly defended before. We could go 45 km into Tiervan in two weeks and occupying the most northern part without facing to much resistance.” A line was drawn over the areas that would be jointly occupied by Norgsveldet and Dvalheim.
The king stared at the map trying to find a flaw in the plan, and militarily he couldn’t. Though he was certain it could hurt Norgsveldet relations with other countries. Not to mention thousands of lives would still be lost. Before he could even reply to all he has been told, an officer outside the tent yelled for him. With a sigh he left the tent, Alvida following soon after. It was time for his speech. As he stood up on the platform as seeing hundreds to thousands of soldiers with both Dvalian and Norgsveltian uniforms. Even news channels was there to report the speech.
“We stand here today as brothers!” Olav began.

30[sup]th[/sup] January, 2020, Dvalian Council Palace
“Norgseltian and Dvalian soldiers fought bravely as they moved 45km into Tiersh lands, with very small casualties. Most northern parts of Tiervan being completely occupied. Despite the poor situation Tiervan has found itself in, President Twain has yet to accept the demands coming from prime minister Johanna Sverdrup and High Councilman Prince Sverre. His majesty king Olav I has stated that full out war is not what Norgsveldet want but stated that if not the demands are meet the current conflict could be escalated. In other news-“
The television was turned off and a sigh can be heard from the man who did it. King Olav I as he sat beside a table, his brother and prime minister facing him. The king’s face was facing downwards. Annoyed on how situation has been going. He looked up as he looked at his brother Sverre and his prime minister Johanna Sverdrup.
“How long have your guys planned for this conflict?” Olav said, his voice tired and exhausted.
“Well to be honest it was your prime minister that pressured this to happen” Sverre stated ignoring the glare he got from Johanna
“Well if we did not do anything then neither would Twain consider demands, right now our demands are set forth to him. One way another they have to give up their oppression of the Dwarves and make peace with their insurgency, that and give up the leader who lead the attack on our soldiers.” She said as she gave a copy of the documents of the demands to Olav. With a sigh Olav took the copied document, to check what exactly we given to Twain. As he read it, he noticed some certain minor details that Johanna left out from the news and from him until now.
“Well sadly we can’t back down now, and now I can’t exactly denounce it. Especialy after my motivated speech I gave the same soldiers that are moving into the current region in.” Olav said annoyed
“So, I have your approval into pressing the Tieresh even more?” Johanna said as she looks Olav, with a smirk of victory on her face.
“Fine, you can. More troops can be sent until we get answer for the demands.” Olav said accepting the thing his prime minister has been requesting a long time. Olav rose up from his seat and straighten his tie. “While you be dealing with that, I’d request borrowing my brother from you”. Sverre looked up from that and an eyebrow was raised on hearing that. Though confused Sverre stood up himself.
“Well that should be fine, could be a good idea for the both of you to motivate the soldiers together after all” Johanna agreed to the idea that she herself created
As they entered outside the council hall, Olav put an arm over his brother’s shoulders before he could even ask what they were truly going to do.
“You owe me a drinking contest younger brother” Olav said laughing, and for the first time in a while the brothers can go out drinking again.

15th February, 1370 ADN (2020 AD)

A tired defeated sigh left president Twain’s mouth. He looks at the map that was covered over his desk. His face filled with dread. As he looked up at general Karl Kiröcvel and major general Jade Manner. Their expressions not that much better.
“The last offensive failed again?” Twain said, knowing the answer
“Yes… No matter how many times we try we can’t force them back to their border.” Karl stated. “Even with Manner’s forces on the east trying to flank them, their positions are to well defended” His voice will with anger, directed at himself.
“Yes, with them having air superiority and constantly bombing our front lines, no matter the number of soldiers we send it won’t change the tide” Jade said, her voice to tired to even show a hint of anger.
Twain covered his face with his hands, as he dreads the answer to his next question. “How many casualties did we lose from that last attack?” Twain said, not even daring to look up from his hands.
“5,000 dead, and around 10,000 wounded. Half of the wounded being harshly” Loke stated, next Twain. “The only front doing well is the one against the insurgents in the south, some of their leadership taken under my custody. From what I’ve gathered they only control Duribi” his voice being stated in a cold and matter of factually way. “They also seem to have gotten quite a bit of their equipment from Meremaa.”
“For damn sake…” Twain said to himself. “You all can go now You guys have done well.” Him yet to look up from his face.
Jade and Karl look with concern at Twain, but feels it is best to not bother him. As they said their goodbye, they left the room silently, though they notice Loke not leaving with them they gave it no mind.
The room fell into a deep silence, with Twain yet willing to look up from his hands. With a sign Loke sat on a chair that was in a corner near a bookcase. Taking out a small cigarette. Lightening it. From wish an annoyed groan can be heard from Twain.
“I’ve already told you that smoking is not allowed in the office!” Twain looks up from his hands to give a glare at Loke.
“Look I am all for authoritarianism, but at least not use it on me” Loke joked, as he took a drag from the cigarette.
“What should I do with you…” Twain said as he gave a weak laugh.
After a few seconds of silence takes out a bottle of vodka from under his wooden desk and poured himself a small glass of vodka. Which made Loke raise a slight eyebrow to this. Despite his olden age, he still has a keen eye.
“Thought you said you was not much of a drinker?” Loke asked, as he leaned into his chair and took another drag from the cigarette.
“Well do you blame me for drinking?” Twain asked, as his lifted an eyebrow.
After minutes of silence, both men feeling the tension in the room over the question they have argued several times before.
“Do not accept those demands” Loke said, not even wanting to look at Twain.
“I have to!” Twain stood up from his chair, as he yelled at Loke. Not even getting a glance despite him yelling. “Every day more and more men die while I stand here! Sons, husbands and fathers dying because of me not accepting those demands.” Twain having to breath in and out to calm himself. His hands shaking as he started to point at Loke. “Y-you have no idea how it is to meet the mothers of those men, just so I can attempt to justify their suffering!”
An annoyed sigh could be heard from Loke. “And what give up? We promised our people we would unite this island, anyway, let’s use this conflict to try getting it.” Loke said calmly. He was as tired of arguing about it.
“What if we lose? Which I may remind is almost completely guaranteed!” Twain said enraged. “Our nation may as well get completely burned down by them, what is a few demands when compared to that!? We still at least will have our bloody independence!”
“And be looked as cowards! I rather want this nation to be burned then letting the imperialist of the north have it!” Loke yelled standing up from his own chair, almost stumbling while he does it. With both side annoyed, and the debate ending the same as always.
“Please… Twain don’t accept it” Loke said desperately. “Your father died fighting against Norgsveldet during our war for independence, don’t let his death go in vain. Those mothers may be crying, but it is not the last time you saw a mother crying.” He said jokingly at the end
“Out” Twain said, a clear venom coming from his voice. “Out of my office”
Defeated Loke left the office. With only the sounds from his steps echoing in the room. As he finally opens the door and walk out, a relieved sigh could be heard from Twain. He sits slowly down into his chair and looks around on his wooden desk. As he took up the papers for the demands that he has been given by Johanna Sverdrup, he saw a picture that has been covered by those papers. A tear ran down his cheek, landing on the picture. He covers the picture with the papers, however the papers having Twain’s name signed on it. Regretting what he has done in the past, and maybe even now.
“I am deeply sorry mother, and father” Twain said the picture being of his parents when he was born.

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20[sup]th[/sup] February 2020. 04:00, Noridele forest, western flank. 
Blood, on the ground, though not an unusual sight in this area. Green grass replaced with ashes, shells and blood. Laughing children and their happily married parents, with a young boy and girl, with no laughter nor parents to be seen. The bright blue sky replaced in favour of fighters and bombers every night. If a man was awake, he soon will find sleep, if he found sleep, he would never wake up again.
As such when the young men fighting for the National Republic of Tiervan saw the fire cease, and orders to stop the fighting. Only one word came to be thought, ‘finally’. Despite them outnumbering their opponent, it mattered little. Resources scarce, equipment lacking and supplies running thin. Even the locals hated them. They never understood why. Their thoughts were the same “My brothers fought to free this land from imperial occupation! Why are they not celebrating us!?”. It mattered little in the end in their eyes. The war is over, and if the state media was telling them anything, the Norgsveltians will not be in this for long!
Though what the soldier Salit Baldei found out, was that their commanders did not think the same. As he walked up to the major of his battalion, he was surprised to hear the order from him.
“W-what? Why we are moving away from our posts?” Salit asked, his voice shaken. Both from the weeks of combat but also from shock. Shock of the orders, while he was not the only man surprised in his battalion, he had an anger built up in him. One that is only not shown thanks to being completely shaken from combat.
“It is an order given by the major general Jade Manner, according to her the president has asked for all combat to be ceased. Moving at least 100 km away from the border.” Said by Major Delt Steit. His voice strict as always, Salit sometimes even wonder if his major realised what the order was given for. If it was victory, why were we moving away? Though before Salit realised the major was moving away from into a tent. Moving after Salit bombarded the major with questions. 
“W-what is happening?! Has there been peace? Did Dvalheim and Norgsveldet surrender?! If so why are we moving away and not forward? It is our land! Answer me ple-“ before Salit could continue to ask questions he was hushed when the major turned around, with a glare that he has seen to many times.

“That is enough, soldier! The order is an order and that is it! No matter what it means, you need to follow it, is that understood?” Delt said, his voice barely reaching that of a yell. When the major got no answer, he went to the same eye level as Salit.
“Am I understood, soldier?!” The major whispered angrily, though the whisper was barely a whisper.
“Y-yes major” Salit said as he saluted the major, keeping the salute until the major walked into his tent. As the soldier walked back to the rest of his battalion, he noticed the size of it is less than half as much as it was a month ago. Only four hundred alive out of the original 850 soldiers. Though he was lucky compared to other battalions. Their ‘sister battalion’ as the major has called them, called 3[sup]rd[/sup] battalion nicknamed Nori’s Fallen, has been completely wipe out during the first offensive from the Norgsveltian-Dvalian forces. It made Salit wonder, did they lose the war? As Salif walked into his tent that he shared with his comrades, he saw all of them, around twenty, gather around a radio. He was hushed when he got close and was pulled down to sit next to them. Salit looked confused towards the other soldiers, but before he could ask what was going on radio static could be heard.

“President Twain Aukusti has in a recent press conference has announced the end of the war with Norgsveldet and Dvalheim, our great leader has for certain made a justice for the crimes Norgsveldet has done.” The reporter in the press conference stated before the president speaks.
With a slight cough, the room became quiet, though it sounded static from the radio. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am certain many questions will be asked about the peace that has been made…. and if victory is found in said peace. Though for once I will be honest to my people, the bloodshed my government has started, was a mistake. There is no victory, even if there was, the losses are unforgivable. As such I will never dare to ask for forgiveness. In just one month, we have gotten 20 thousand men killed and wounded, with another thousand missing or captured. As such I have accepted the demands the prime minister of Norgsveldet, Johanna Sverdrup, has put upon me. Though with changes. The original demands had my government to step down and for a ‘friendly’ government to be put upon my people. Which I denied. Instead the compromise has become that the northern lands, not only the one currently occupied, but one which was the rejected border of 1978. Which will include the area west of our great capital.” Twain’s voice despite the static was one that sounded tired…. Defeated.
As voices in the tent started becoming filled with anger and the yell of men that felt betrayed, Salit hushed them so the men in the room could listen more closely to the radio.
“As such the issues in the south of Tiervan, those of Dwarven nationalist insurgence. That has felt betrayed by my lack of support to them, and their economic issues fought against us during. Despite the rich resources in the south, that our nation need, has also been a target for the Norgsveltian prime minister. That region will gain ‘independence’ but guarded by Norgsveltian military. The region shall be called Dvergarland, though do not be fooled by the name, the only thing those nationalists in the south gained was Norgsveltian rule. Though I have arranged with the prime minister that Norgsveldet will pay for reparations for the land that we will lose.” Before any more could be said one of the men threw the radio against the ground. The black radio though not fully destroyed had been destroyed enough that it no could continue to work as it should. With all the men looking at the angry man that destroyed it.
“What?!” the tall man stated as he looked over his comrades. On a height of 198 cm, with a muscular body and a full dark beard, all the men including Salif looked away when the man glared at them. After a few minutes of silence, the man spoke again. “Come on! Speak up for fucks sake!” The man yelled, though once more none dared to look at him. “What? Do you guys not give a fuck that we just lost land to people we fought only a day ago?! What about our friends and brothers we lost? OurPresident just stated we have lost this war, and you guys are silent?!” The man once more yelled, though this time Salif looked at him, when the rest did not. Before the man once more could speak again, Salif stood up, glaring at this much taller man.
“Obviously we care! Are you so dumb you don’t realise that! Are you all brawns and no brain?!” Salif yelled, though only realised what he has said when the man looked down at Salif. Though he did not look as angry as Salif thought he would be……

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Oh, Salif has done it now. He is not certain why he chose to speak up, especially since the rest of his comrades did not, but the way the man Infront of him spoke… angered him. As he looks up, Salif realised that his tiny build is nothing towards the tall muscular man in front of him. As the tall man looked down on him, Salif gulped nervously.
“Well at least one man here has back bone, so you do actually care then… boy” The man stated, continue to look down at Salif. Though his voice not showing anger, rage nor even fury in it. More a mixture of slight annoyance and some amusement. The other men in the tent now staring at Salif waiting for an answer. All sitting either on their beds, ammunition boxes or wooden boxes with beer. Which they have gotten as gifts from commanders for their bravery. Either that or so that they would be too drunk to question their orders.
Though Salif was nervous, he was not willing to back down. Not out of sense to be brave or to be a ‘man’. Simply not wanting to feel humiliated and awkward if he stopped now. “W-well yes ofcourse I care! It is just that for many of us we have to allow the information to fully sink in…… none of us expected this. Especially looking at the country side we fighting in…… in one month, this beautiful green grass that was here, is now ashes. The men we joked with and drank at the bar, is now dead. At the very least I hoped that I could at least die serving this country and fighting for its honour. Now I don’t even get to have that….” Salif said, his voice nervous with every word. Tears slowly gather upon his eyes, as he tried stop them from coming with his hands. He sits down on a lone ammunition box, though the tent was not large enough for it to be far away from the group.
With a slight sigh, the large bearded man walked up to Salif and sat down next to him on the same box. “I am sorry for my anger back there, its just that…. For me all I feel is rage. It used to be against just the Norgsveltians, but now it is against the government.” He said, his voice now back to anger, but now more calmed down and relaxed. Though he did not continue until Salif looked towards him, giving the man a curious look. “What? It’s not like I suddenly love those damn imperialists, but at least they are doing what they meant to fucking do! Our president despite all his talks about reunification and bringing our nation glory, showed same weakness as our past government did!” The man angrily said again, though his voice had now a hint of joking nature in it.
“Well I was too young to know what the previous government was like…” Salif said, his voice filled with uncertainty. Though this made the man beside him curious, though Salif could not guess the man’s age exactly, he knew the man must be quite a few years older than himself.
“How young are you boy?” The man asked, his voice now much more friendly then before.
“I am 17, sir.” Salif said quickly, his voice still nervous. Though he was quite surprised when he heard the older man giving out a slight chuckle.
“It is a damn shame you were dragged into this conflict boy. Quite sad that they lowered the conscription to so low. Well, despite being a conscript you have shown a backbone that even an experienced man like I, must respect.” The man then stood up from the ammunition box, then turned around so that he could look at Salif while being Infront of him. “Well, I’ll get out of your hair boy. My name is Manki Salaheri, 40 years old by the by. I am not that old after all. If you want to continue serving this darn battalion then we won’t see each other again. Though if you are pissed as me about this whole situation. Then we will talk again:”
And before Salif can even question the man he now knows as Manki, walked out the back end of the tent. Before Salif could even follow him, he heard the major yell something toward Manki, before he heard a gun shot come out. As he ran out the tent with the other men in it, they see Manki holding a pistol, with some smoke come out of it. As they look at the direction of which the gun is pointed, they see the body of their major, with a wound in his stomach. As guards quickly hurried to help the major, and covering the wound, Manki used this time to run through the rest of his battalion, even dropping his pistol at their feet. While the rest of the men was panicking, Salif ran after Manki. As he ran further and further away from the camp, and barely keeping up, if that, to Manki. He heard in the distance a yell stating, “Was it Salif that shot him?!”, he did not recognise the voice, but he must guess it was from a major of a different battalion. Cursing at himself, Salif realises that he can not go back. As such he keeps running, following Manki. Why? Why was this happening? Why did Manki do this? What did he mean with his last statement to him? What was Manki’s plan? And as his mind stopped wondering off, he looked around, he had only now realised that he was running a forest. Though it did not look that much like a forest. The trees broken more ash then green. Though there were some parts of the large forest still green and fresh. That was not all destroyed. Though it only made him ask himself another question, where did Manki go?

19th February 2020.  Saturikaup, 21:00

President Twain left the press conference tired and being escorted by his guards as he did so. With a sigh he put a hand through his dark black hair, as he feels sweat covering his hand doing so. While he generally was not a sweaty man, but staying in a humid room, being bombarded by question, made one easily to sweat. Even though they only let in state journalists, the shock of the realisation of a lost war is immense. His only hope is that the reparations from Norgsveldet could help build up his nation’s industry. Though as he was escorted to his limousine, he sees a man, standing Infront of it. The man dressed in an old resistance uniform from the independence war that was in the 70s. With another sigh leaving this way to tired man, Twain stared harshly at the man in the eyes.
“What do you want Loke?”
The man, an elderly one, though still one that is healthy. Though his age still has taken a toll on him, however for Loke his mind was still sharp, its why he was the former leader of the secret police.

“I was recently told by Jade Manner, that I have been demoted, or better said fired.” Loke said, his voice not showing any anger or even annoyance. As he took out a cigarette to smoke. “Not only betraying your people with a so-called peace, but also betraying your most longest serving friends ay?”
Twain just sighed as he reached out to grab the door handle with his right hand, only for Loke to grab his hand roughly. Though the guards were about reach for their guns, Twain held his left hand out to signal them to stay still.
“You barely were my friend Loke, you acted more like a mentor. The reason you got fired my ‘friend’ is because your age is not fit for one. You 70 years old mate, you aren’t fit for service.” Twain said, his voice filled with venom. Though before Loke could speak to defend himself, Twain continued. “Jade has also recently confessed on your actions that you did in the night of 5[sup]th [/sup]November 2009.” This causing Loke to freeze up. “You were supposed to imprison the socialist leader, take her alive. You stated that she was killed by accident during a gun fight. That was not the case was it now?” Twain said before pushing Loke to the side, making Loke lose his grasp of Twain. While opening the door, gave a slight glance towards to Loke, before sitting down into the limousine and straighten out his tie.
Loke standing up enraged, as he yelled out towards Twain before he closed the door. “You dare disrespecting my uniform?! The same uniform that your father and I fought with!? Do you have little respect for the people that died making this country!? You traitor!”   
Twain looking back at Loke, yelled only one thing. “You want to destroy this country with your ideas, you did not help making it like my father!” and like that Twain closed his door roughly. As the limousine drive away, Loke tried to run after it, but was stopped by the guards that was left behind. Their guns drawn. Loke holding his hands in the air, but a guard knocking out the old man with hitting him with the down end of his gun.
Though Twain did not see anything of that happening. With him leaving a sigh of relief and relaxing into his seat. Though that relaxation being disturbed by a phone call. As he looked on who was calling, he could not help but groan. As he answered the phone, a female voice rang true.
“Hello, Twain. I can’t help but say the press conference seemed to have gone smoothly” The feminine voice, stating with a chuckle and one of ridicule.
“Hi, Johanna…. How can I help you?” Twain says not even available to hide the fact that he is gritting his teeth. Taking a glass of red wine, since any talk with Johanna for him as not happened without any alcohol.
“Well with you already having officially and publicly stating your surrender. I want to make some changes with our arrangement.” Her voice stating, one that is sly and determined.
“……what will those changes be?” Twain said uncertain, and nervous. He knows he can’t deny the requests.
“I want you to fully agree on that the reparations that my nation will pay shall only happen by the end of the year, and that instead of it being 800 Million SHD, it will just be 400 million.” Johanna said.
“B-but that will not be enough to pay for all the damages!” Twain said, his voice being a mixture of anger and nervous to what more demands will come.
“That is not my problem, it is either that or you are giving Dvalheim reparations for you funding that damn militia group. Which you at least have already stopped supporting after this treaty. Though another thing will be you having to limit your manpower to only 200k in the military.” Johanna stated, though not being noticeable with her voice, as it was cold and professional as she stated her new demands. However, her face had a clear smirk.
“And what else” Twain said as he lay defeated into his seat.
“I want you to declare your own capital city a demilitarised zone.” The voice, of which Twain can only describe as of a cold feminine devil, commanded in a matter of fact. Drinking the entire glass of red wine, in one go.
“Fine…. Have it your way.”
“Always nice doing business with you mister president, until next time” Johanna said as she ends the phone call.
In a time of rage, Twain put down his window and throws out his phone in anger. As it broke in two, and more pieces as cars drive over it. As he sits up straight again, he pours himself another glass of red wine. After such a day. Twain thinks its about time he drinks to his hearth desire.

21[sup]st[/sup] February 1370 AND, (2020), Osfjord, Royal Palace, 08:00
The black limousine drove through the busy streets of a snowy Osfjord. From the businessmen hurrying along to get to their companies while dressed in their expensive suit coats, to the students late to class with scarfs that they wear tightly so that they don’t freeze or to the part time worker who is running because he is late for his first day of work. Though for Johanna Sverdrup, the cold was not what will be bothering her, it rather will be the meeting with the king. With a sigh, she took a ship from her cup, filled with black coffee. Her normal white suit, being replaced with something more fitting to the weather. Though still white, her attire is now of long wool coat reaching to her knees. With her hair tied up into a ponytail, with a grey wool beret on top of her head. With the beret’s front having the Norgsveltian coat of arms on it. With a light grey bag on her side. As she looked through the windows, she saw the busy streets for herself. Though nothing new, she did always feel overwhelmed by it. She was raised her entire life in a small town, an 1,5-hour drive from Osfjord, named Elveby. Which had barely 100k people in it. Her political career however brought her here. Though closer the limousine came to the royal palace, the more she noticed some small groupings of protestors. Same usual types. Socialists, isolationists, even some conservatives and more. Though generally does not mind her that much, but with the election coming closer and closer. It irritated her.
“Tsk” her voice let out. Not being available to hide that it is letting on to her.
“Is everything okay there, miss Sverdrup?” the driver said out loud, showing his concern for the prime minister.
Shaking her head, she looked forward, instead of looking outside window. “Yes, everything is fine. Don’t worry too much about little me” she said, in sweetly tone. As she gave a small smile towards the driver which he could see from his rear-view mirror. With an sigh, she took another deeper ship of her coffee
Soon enough they could see the royal palace on the horizon. Located in the middle of the city. Though as they drove in front of the gates to the palace, the prime minister was surprised to not see the king nor any extra royal guards to escort her, but the crown princess. As the door for Johanna was opened by one of the royal guards and she stepped out, she could finally take a good look on the outfit of the princess. With the heiress wearing a dark blue patterned skirt that goes to her knees, one that Johanna must guess is from the school uniform. With black leggings covering the rest of her legs. The princess also wearing a grey shorten trench coat, which she also has her hands in its pockets. With a large purple scarf around her neck, with the scarf having a symbol made of gold, formed as an eagle, pinned on it. Her head not covered by any headwear, her short white hair and her nekomimi ears out without it being covered. Her yellow eyes standing out in the snowy weather.
“My, I did not expect to see your highness here to greet me.” Johanna said as she greeted the princess with a curtsy, which, she returned.
“Father is still getting prepared, so I volunteer to be the one to escort you.” Ingrid said, as she gave Johanna the sign that they should begin walking through the courtyard. With the courtyard being filled of several statues, from Varg I ‘the great’ to Gustaf II ‘the half-elven’ and to Varg III ‘the good’. Though snow has started to gather on top of them.
“So how has your highness been doing? I hope your studies has been going well” Johanna said, giving the princess a gentle smile, as they walked side by side.
“It has been going alright, my studies despite it’s boring task, is going well” Ingrid said, returning the smile.
“Good to hear, though quite typical that the studies are boring. I remember when I was your age 14 years ago, I found the studies very boring. Rather wanted to use more time gushing over boys with my friends, then reading the same history book” Johanna said jokingly, though noticed a very slight shade of pink forming on the cheeks of the princess when mentioning the gushing over boys. Though it could be the cold, a sly smile came to Johanna’s face as she saw it.
“How about your highness any boys that you have been charmed by?” Johanna stated innocently. As she glanced to the princess on the right side of her.
“W-what no, no I have not had time for that” Ingrid quickly said, though despite her excuses her cheeks were becoming more and more pink.
“Oh really, has there been no princes that has caught your eye? I mean there is a lot of rumours out there your highness, if you going to marry a commoner or not, which prince and all that” Johanna said as she went on, though the princess did not budge. Just simply giving a slight shake of the head as the prime minister went on. “You know many people thought you and Hjalmar looked cute when you two took that picture together in 2019!”
“Really?” Ingrid said little bit more excited then she expected it to come forth, as she looked at the prime minister to confirm it, which made her cheeks flush deeply when she saw the slight smirk of the prime minister. Slightly annoyed, she huffed.
“Changing the topic. What are your plans with Tiervan?” Ingrid asked, this time making the prime minister stop in place. Johanna studying Ingrid’s body language, as Ingrid looked over her shoulder, to look at Johanna. Her tensing up as Johanna looked at her.
“I am sure, Hjalmar would love that skirt, your highness” Johanna said with a cheeky smile, as she saw Ingrid face become deep red.
“Stop it!” Ingrid said annoyed, as she gave a glare to the prime minister. With Johanna giving out a small sigh, as she gave Ingrid a gentle smile.
“My plans are quite simple your highness, we going to make Tiervan fight itself while we protect our gains” Johanna said, as her gentle smile was replaced with a sly smirk. As they walked up to the doors of the royal palace, Ingrid could not help but feel curious over what was just stated.
“How will you do that, miss Sverdrup?” Ingrid asked, as they stood outside the royal palace. The doors like the palace, being as white as the snow, except for the two symbols on the doors, a golden eagle on the left door, and a golden crown on the other.
“That is something me and your father will have to discuss, I have written down what I want to do in this thing” Johanna said, as she took out a black book file, from her bag. Though before Ingrid could ask what was inside the book file, the doors opened. As both Johanna and Ingrid to look who opened they saw Olav, dressed in his black royal attire, that had some dark purple out lines by the end of it.

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The king signalled for them to walk inside, and as they walked inside Olav looked at his daughter. “You okay, sweetie?” he said as he placed his hand on Ingrid’s left shoulder.
“Yes father, I am okay. The weather is not that bad” Ingrid said rolling her eyes, as she dusted off some snow that was on her nekomimi ears.
“You should have worn some headwear to cover your ears” he said as he stroked her ears. As he looked down and gave his daughter a concerned look.
“Dad, I said it okay. You know this is not much of an issue for me” Ingrid said as she grasped her father’s hands, giving him a small gentle smile. Which in turn, made her father calm down, and give a smile back. Though that being disturbed by the closing of the door by the prime minister.
“If you don’t mind me, your majesty, I think we should get along on starting with our meeting” Johanna said as she tapped her file book, to get the king’s attention. Doing so while standing by the doors to the meeting room. Olav gave slight sigh as he picked up his coffee cup that was on a small wooden table, filled with the king’s favourite coffee called Eyjarian coffee. With the prime minister holding the door open so that the king could walk in, with her giving the king a nod while doing so. As the king walked in, the prime minister noticed that Ingrid did as well.
“I am sorry your highness, but this meeting was supposed to be just between me and your father” Johanna said as she gave a gentle smile to the princess.
“Originally yes, but there are always things that changes” Olav’s deep voice echoed as he spoke, while he turned around to face the prime minister. “Is that not right, miss Sverdrup?” Olav said as his eyebrow raised as he looked slightly down on her.
“My father said that I needed to look with my own eyes how the crown and the government cooperate in issues like this. Stating the importance of seeing the constitution in action.” Ingrid stated, with eyes looking curiously over the relations between her father and the prime minister. Noticing the prime minister giving her father a questionable glance, before she gave out a sigh.
“Fine, is she going to be quiet during the meeting?” Johanna said as looked at Olav, with an eyebrow raised. Though she was more surprised to hear a slight chuckle from the king.
“That depends on her, I think she should at least give her opinion on the matter. Who knows, maybe you will have changed your mind in certain issues?” the king said as he walked fully into the meeting room and sat down at the end of a long wooden table made of oak. Johanna shakes her head, as the princess walked in to sit down next to her father. While the prime minister sat down on the other end, facing them.
“So then, lets start” she said as took her file book and put it down on the table. “Here is all the plans that me and my government has planned out, with our defence minister already talking with commanders of the possibility:” she stated as she shoved the file book making it slid down the table so that the king could catch it. The king picked up the black file book, first placing on his reading glasses, then began reading it. Though going through the pages, the king occasionally glanced up at Johanna when he stopped at certain pages. Though by the last page of it his eyes slightly widen, and he stroked his thick red beard. Then looked fully up from the file book, placed it down. Eyes fully on the prime minister, doing so he gently placed his reading glasses on the wooden table, as a loud sigh left the king’s lips.
“You can not be serious with this?” Olav stated as he lightly pinched the bridge of his nose. “Look, helping Dvalheim stabilising its occupied territories is one thing, but martial law?” his voice while deep was not of anger, but of true confusion.
“Well your majesty, it is what your brother Sverre suggested. It will just be something happening for small while, probably only to end of the year. Like no matter what martial law will be declared there by the Dvalian government and honestly only in the most western occupied zone. So really us helping them will just speed up the process.” Johanna said giving a slight smile, her tone seeming innocent. Though Olav saw the slyness of Johanna’s eyes. As he tapped his fingers on the wooden table annoyed.
“I will take talk with my brother to maybe change his views on that, but I will not allow our troops to help with that. We are here to meant to be a land promoting freedom, miss Sverdrup, as such we should try integration these new lands into Dvalheim. We should create a strong federation there to unite their people.” Olav said as looked directly into the eyes of Johanna. Being a man of faith, Olav viewed it was easiest understanding a person through looking at eyes of that person, the gate to the soul in his opinion.
“And I agree your majesty, a federation would be great there. Howeve-“. Johanna started before the king interrupted her.
“But nothing, these ideas will make us simply seen as occupiers in the international community. By ensuring a peaceful political process of integration will make this easier, not with might” Olav said as he gave the prime minister a glare.
Which while her voice sounded calm, the twitching of an eyebrow and eyes burning more in anger made Olav realise that Johanna was not pleased. As such an annoyed sigh came from Johanna.
“Your majesty, by the gods sake, you have to realise that no body would ever try to help Tiervan. So, there is nothing to fear there.” Johanna said, again a voice calm, but eyes betrayed her emotion.
“Maybe not, but that will not change the issue that Norgsveldet will look imperialistic in this.” Olav stated with a sigh. “I can however accept the occupation zone in Dvergarland, if it is only until the dwarves there can make their own army and we need to work closer with the locals there. ” Olav said, with a weight of his shoulders now gone more.
“T-that, and we should be active on protecting the civil rights of the dwarves and have the rest of the international community condemn the opression the dwarves faced under Tiervan” Ingrid said speaking bit nervous
“Fine, no helping with the martial law. Though I disagree with us somehow looking ‘imperialistic’ I think this is a worthy compromise. Reminds me, I was thinking that we could have our highness here, go on a tour around Novaris.” Johanna said with a smirk. “Could help improving our diplomatic relations”
Ingrid went bit eyed wide for second, as she looked up from her notebook. “I w-what? I mean sure, I could but my studies a-and” she stammered, before she looked at her father. Him only giving a slight chuckle.
“On which I would like to suggest, Dvergarland. With how oppressed the dwarves was there, they need a voice to speak up against oppression.” Olav stated with clear confidence of his daughter.
“Which also would be very helpful on winning the trust of the people there” Johanna said, as her smile became slyer. Though Olav did not like thinking of it like that, he could not disagree.

24th February 2020, Tiervan, Saturikaup, presidential office, 23:45

Twain looked tired over all the paperwork all around on his desk, not organised as well that he is used too. In all honesty, if he had the time, he could make a tower that reaches up to his roof with the amount on his desk. With a sigh he took sip of his coffee. First atop of his pile of paperwork was the Treaty of Tyrsdal agreement, making groan in annoyance. Even though he already had Tieresh diplomats sign approval of the treaty in the city that is now occupied by Dvalheim, he aperently was told by Dvalheim’s High Councilman Sverre, that he wanted a personal signature from Twain. To ‘ensure’ Tiervan does not go back on its word. Twain’s hands picked up the paper, gripping tightly into it. His heart hammering harder, harder and harder. As his hands close in tighter, and tighter. The paper almost ripping from how tightly it griped into, but he stops. He holds in his breath and breathes out. Again, again and again he does this. Until his heart calms and place the paper down Infront of him. He picks up his golden pen and writes his full name. Twain Aukusti. His signature slightly sloppier than he is used to write. Next up is a report from Jade Manner, on mutinies from soldiers that was stationed near the frontline. Though he expected as such he was more surprised on the numbers of people. “5,000 already?” Twain’s voice said in utter shock. Though mutinies were expected both him and Jade, it was expected it would take a month to reach that high. Not sure if he even believes it, he holds the report closer with his left hand as he stands up, while picking up his office phone with the right. With him ordering a new personal phone that will come tomorrow. Johanna was available to somehow find his personal phone number, so that he could not record the phone calls like he could with his business phone.
As he pushed down the number to who he was calling. With less than a second, he was answered.
“Hello?” a feminine voice that sounded almost as tired as the president.
“Miss Manner have couple questions wondering about the mutinies report” Twain stated, as he tried to hide how tired he was.
“Oh of course, sir! I shall answer any questions asked!” Jade said quickly as her voice quickened up to become more energised.
“Its about the numbers, if you could tell me Manner, how accurate are these numbers?” Twain said carefully, voice trying to become calm.
“As accurate as we could report yesterday. More has gone with the mutinies northwards.” Jade stated, her voice being professional as always, but she was anxious off what her president was going to state.

“How many went yesterday?” Twain said, tapping fingers upon his desk as he walked around it.
“735, sir” Jade said, her voice only giving a slight nervousness. Though she flinched when she heard a distant “Damn it” from the other end of the phone. Like the president having held the phone away so that she could not hear it.
“And, is there estimations that these numbers might be overestimated?” Twain said, his voice again calm, though Jade knew clearly that this was eating up her president.
“There is more evidence that the reports might have been underestimated, sir.” Jade said, her voice now having a mixture of professionalism and uncertainty.
“That is…. Unfortunate” Twain stated, with a clear disappointment in his voice. “Thank you, Jade, now I know slightly better about these mutinies.”
“Shall we go after them, sir? They mostly made up off recent conscripts, we still have large enough army to go after them.” Jade asked.
“No, we shall not. Doing so would mean crossing the new border, meaning new conflicts. Not to mention these conscripts apparently have some old veterans from the Meremaa Civil War leading them. The risks are to high, allow the Dvalians to deal with them.” Twain before pausing a second to take another sip of his coffee cup. “Just try to limit anymore mutinies, we don’t want the entire damn army going away from us. You have my personal acceptance to kill any soldier that has sympathies to the mutinies” Twain said, before he ended the phone call. With a sigh, he sat back down to his chair laying into it. Few minutes he stayed there, before he sat back straight into position. Working through the papers. Mostly papers being reports from the military about the mutinies or of protests. Though what intrigued him the most was however one report stating with a single thing stated. “The creation of a Tieresh National Front in Dvalheim?” Twain stated to himself. The paper barely seems like it was a report from the military, but more a recruitment paper. With only stating the typical nationalist phrases that his propaganda machine used, ‘united in face of imperialism’, ‘this is land is ours! Take it back!’ and ‘We shall never surrender’. Though the ideology it says that it follows made Twain raise an eyebrow. “Social nationalism? Left wing movement? Hmmm interesting” Twain said to himself, with a smirk having come on his face. ‘If these left-wing nationalists want boost in popularity in the occupied areas, then those mutineers have a place to keep fighting.’ Twain thought to himself. With him writing new plans for his generals to follow.

1990, 9[sup]th[/sup] November Saturikaup
Young handsome man, who one could only guess was in his early 20s gave out an annoyed sigh, as he glanced towards the older man that sat next to him. The older man flirting with the barista. With frown on his face the young man drank up what was left of the beer glass, that was filled with his favourite beer, as he kept an eye on the man next to him. Though the older man noticed that he was being watched, with a slight smirk on his face he winked at the now blushing barista before he turned around towards the younger man.
“So why is a young man like you in a pub, especially at our national day?” The older man asked curious, his voice deep and rough, though surprisingly sounding youthful despite the man’s age. The younger man raised an eyebrow toward his older counterpart, as he still only looked at the older man from the side, instead of facing him.
“I can ask you that as well, sir.” The younger man said, as he took on the jacket that he had hanging on his chair, stood up and was about to walk away. Though stopped and looked surprised when he saw a shot glass slowly slide Infront of him on the bar table. He looked towards the older man which he saw raising a shot glass of his own, giving a smile towards him.
“Indeed, you can ask me that, how about we talk about it, while sharing a drink for our country?” the older man asked him, genuinely happy having someone to share a drink with on the national day of their nation. With a sigh the younger man took his shot glass up and raised it.
“For Tiervan!” the two men said at the same time, though the younger one less motivated a cheerful as the older one. While they drank their glass fully up. As the younger on sat down again and took off his jacket. The younger man looked up and down his older counterpart, studying him. He noticed the older man had several scars at his arms, as his sleeves was rolled up to which the younger man can only guess to show off muscles. As the older man was very well built. With broad shoulders, muscular arms and a beard that made the man look rougher. He was no longer surprised how easily the barista became flustered from attention of the older man. The older man was also dressed classy as well, with a black vest and black dress pants, with white dress shirt. In harsh contrast to the younger man, with his more colourful clothing style. With the young man’s blue jeans, red sweater and golden watch.
“So, why you here boy?” the older man asked curious. Of which the younger man gave out a sigh.
“It’s a long story” The man said annoyed, not wanting to really talk about his personal reasons being there.
“Well, I have time!” the older man said jokingly, as he patted the younger man’s shoulder.
“Of course, you do….” Stated the young man in a muttered voice. “It is also a personal one, that I am not certain I should say to a man I don’t even know the name off!” The man said as he huffed.
“The name is Loke” the older man, Loke, said as he took out his right hand to shake the younger man’s hand. With a sigh, the younger man took out his to shake Loke’s hand, shaking it.
“And mine is Twain” said the voice of the younger man known as Twain. Before Twain even knew it, the two of them spoke in hours about each other’s lives. From the topics of why they were there, families, dreams and most surprising to him at that moment, politics. As Twain walked drunk out of the pub, he was helped by Loke. Who helped Twain lean on him, as Loke gave out a small laugh for how drunk his new friend became.
“Well, well, seems like you can not handle your liquor!” Loke said jokingly as the two of them walked in the streets of Saturikaup. “Alright, lets take you to your mother.” Though as Loke said that, he felt Twain stop walking. “Twain?”
“Please, do not take me to her.” Twain said, coldly as he kept leaning on Loke. Though for second being hesitant, he gave out a sigh.
“Alright, though I almost never have men over at my place, how about you sleep over at my place. I have a guest bedroom so it should not be too much of a worry.” Loke said dryly, though with a genuine kindness in it.  
“Thank you” Twain said as the two walked towards Loke’s street. “By the way, when it comes to that party you talked about… the NPUP right? I want to maybe join it….”
“When you not drunk you very much welcome too” Loke said jokingly as a laughter came from him with how much Twain slurred the word NPUP.
“Waaaa? But then I can never join it!” Twain said annoyed as he pouted. Loke almost losing his grip on Twain as he laughed.
2020, 9[sup]th[/sup] July, 23:00 Saturikaup, Presidential office.
In the presidential office, Twain sat alone in his office as the news from the TV could be heard from the background. The air was melancholy, as Twain gave out a slight sigh as he looked at the photo on his desk. He no longer has many photos on his desk, having either thrown them or put them in a box he had in a shelf. Box filled with memories, harsh or good. This picture being the only one he has not put in there yet. He took out whiskey bottle that he also had in his desk drawer and purred some whiskey into a shot glass. Though as he raised the glass to his lips, he got a call. With an annoyed groan he put down the glass. As he checked his phone on who was calling him, he saw the name of Major General and the recent promoted Secret Police Commander Jade Manner. As he answered, before he even could say hello, he heard three words from the other end, “We found him”.
Twain looked back at the photo he had on his desk, before he picked it up and threw it in the trash can that was next to his office. “I’ll be right there.” Twain said to Jade, before he ended the phone call, and put his phone back to his pocket. As he walked to the end of his office and put on his dark grey trench coat. As he looked over himself in the mirror, he adjusted his white dress shirt, black tie and dusted of dust from his dark grey dress pants. Though as he was about to leave the room, and reaching towards the doorknob, he remembered he had not turn off the TV yet. With the TV still on talking about recent news.
“In most recent news gun shots have been heard in the Realm Assembly legislature, with the Secret Police Commander Jade Manner stating that they are responsible. With her last statement being: ‘We have orders from the Supreme President Twain Aukusti to purge any radical elements from the party, should they be minor or major members.’ Though we have asked questions about the previous Secret Police Commander Loke Pahauko we have yet to get any answers. No one has yet heard of the demoted commander. More on this later, now to spor-“. With news reporter being interrupted by the TV being shut off, as Twain put down the remoter back on his desk. As he put it down, he took one last glance at the photo he had, that was in the trash can. The photo of his old friend Loke, before he hastily walked back to the door and opened it. As he left the office the only thing that was left on his desk, was some piece of papers, the Tieresh Flag and a undrinked shot glass.

2020, 9th July, 23:00 Saturikaup, location unkown

(OOC: Joint Post between me and Meagh)

Jade Manner stood inside the meeting room, waiting for President Twain to arrive. Dressed in full general uniform, with medals on her chest, showing the experience she has despite her being young compared to other people in the military staff. Though she was not here for military matters, but in her recent promotion of Secret Police Commander. At the current moment, in the secret meeting room. It was an awkward silence in the air. As she was not alone, but with some Meagharians. Jade does not know much of them, but Twain has hired their service. With a sigh, she turned towards the other people in the room.

“While I am glad for your service, tell me why you want to help us with dealing with this purge?” She asked curious, before she added another thing. “Other than money of course.”

The General of the Private Secular Militia, Érne Mhaighe took a moment before speaking. “The reasons are obvious are they not? Your nation has recently been a victim of an attack, an invasion on the part of theocratic state, with a puppet government being placed in charge of one of your provinces. You are in dire need of assistance, and with all due respect to your ‘Secret Police’ I do not think they will be up to the task of dealing with an uprising alone. We have actual experience in actually being in those kinds of secret movements, so we will be experts in breaking them apart. That is why we are charging your government such a premium.” Erne smiled and waited for the reaction from the Tiervish official, and reached into her pocket for her packet of gum.

Jade raised an eyebrow towards the woman, though she did not disagree. 
“I do not disagree, our abilities have been weakened thanks to the loss of our territories. Though I will remind you what you are helping with is not uprisers. We are doing this purge for the specific reasons that we don’t want an uprising to be organised yet. My secret police has already purged the head politicians of the ‘radical’ faction of the President’s party. Now it is to go towards the much smaller members of the party.” Jade said as she crossed her arms looking at Erne. “We have the leader of the Radical Faction, the previous Secret Police Commander Loke, in chains. I personally wanted him killed at once, but Twain wanted to see the man personaly before we send him to his grave.”

“Understandble. That kind of thing can certainly get personal. We will make sure to neutralize the more dangerous elements of the party before insurrection even comes into their minds.” Erne opened her package of gum and placed two of the flavored capsules in her mouth. “Now of course we will be required a certain level of…autonomy in order for us to be able to operate effectively, though of course we will obey any orders coming from the President.”
“That is expected, Twain shall be coming soon. He is going to rely more on your service, though I shall warn Twain’s main reason for coming here is Loke.” Jade said, this time more nervousness in her voice and more concern towards her president. “The president will obviously still make agreement between his government and your service, but I advise that you shall not question his future judgement despite what shall be happening today” Jade said, her voice slightly shaken, despite her professionalism. 
“Of course, I would never dream of questioning my client in this delicate matter. It would only be counterproductive.” Erne sat up straighter. “He shall give the orders and we shall carry them out, with prejudice.” Erne smiled a little bit maliciously.

One guard walked up to Jade and whispered into her ear, though not high enough for Erne to hear them. Jade gave a quick nod towards the guard as he quickly went to the door, as Jade gave hand gestures to two others guards to go into a dampened room. Jade straightened herself up as she ordered the guard at the door to open it. When the door opened a tall slim man with glasses walked in, wearing a dark trench coat while wearing black gloves on. Jade saluted the man, on which he gave out a slight sigh, as he straightened his tie. 
“Miss Manner, you know I’ve told you before that out of all my trusted allies, you are the one i like to see the least to salute.” the man said annoyed as he walked up the pair.

“I am sorry mister president, but duty is duty” Jade said with no hesitance, though a slight smile could be seen growing on her lips. As Jade stopped giving the salute she turned towards Erne. “Erne this is president Twain, Twain this is-”

“General Erne Mhaighe Mr.President. At your Service.” Erne stood up and gave Twain a quick salute, before offering her hand. Erne looked over the Tiervish leader with a discerning eye. This was clearly a man of great will and cunning, he had clearly avoided despair from the recent struggles with relative ease, and had immediately moved towards the solutions to the current problems. “I believe our partnership in this matter will be most fruitful in working towards the right solutions.”

Twain raised an slight eyebrow at the general but shook her hand. “Glad to hear your willingness to work with us, general. Especially with the matters at hand, we have several smaller radical members of my party gone into hiding within the city. Because of the treaties forced by the imperialists in the north the capabilities of Jade Manner’s men to take them out has been limited. The ones that survived the purge in Valtakunan Kokontumin, have been hell to catch.” Twain’s voice stated as if it was little more than a mild annoyance as he let go off Erne’s hand

“We have been available to catch one.” Jade said as she picked up a small remote and turned on a monitor. The monitor shows the images of an older man coughing up blood, his hands being tied together in a metal chain. The chain being connected into the floor. Two guards standing above the man. Though blood was being coughed up, one could see the old man smirking.

“You two hit like small girls, if you let me free I could show you how we men fought in the independence war!” he said taunting them, though he got a quick kick into the stomach.

“Shut it! The only reason why our commander did not kill you yet is because our president has some words for you” one guard, blonde though also clearly quite inexperienced in comparison to the slightly older man next to him. Which the older man only left out a little laugh.

“Ofcourse, of course. It was obvious that Twain would not allow me to die just yet! Though sadly a little late for him and I to take some shots” older man said jokingly. The guards looked annoyed at the chained man, but they got a signal from Jade, with her ordering them to step down with her walkie talkie. As they did, the sight of two guards out of a room not too far away. One could see blood covering their black leather gloves. Twain looked irritated at the monitor, as a sigh of irritation left his mouth.

“Glad to see that his sense of humour is still alive despite the beating up he is getting” Twain said with clear sarcasm in his voice. Jade shook her head annoyed.

“He still acts like he is the commander as well. When we captured him and drove him here, he used his time to compliment my looks, before he just continued on barrating on how I am a false commander and equal nonsense” Jade said with equal irritation to Twain.

“I had a commander a lot like that during the war. I ended up running him through with a spear in the end.” Erne stopped for a moment before continuing. “Its good that you have in him custody, if a man like that was loose theres no telling what kind of damage they could do. What you do with him from here is of course entirely up to your administration. But on the tasks that you have placed in the hands of my organization, what do you wish us to do with the radicals that we are able to capture? We are of course entirely willing to turn them over to you, but you might also wish for a slightly more permanent solution.” Erne inlaid those last words with the kind of tone that made it clear exactly what she meant. “Jails and prisons can fill up surprisingly quickly you understand.”

“Trust me, I want them dead, no trial shall be had for the radicals. If they are kept alive, even within prison, that alone can inspire revolution. Just like how there is no wood, there can be no bonfire. If there is none of them, no revolution can be put in flame” Twain said, his voice cold, with no remorse on the people he viewed as traitors. Twain took out his revolver that he had in his leather bag. With a sigh he walked towards the room which held Loke chained. Every step he took echoed in the empty hallway. Jade looked towards the monitor, and saw the door open. Twain looked towards the older man with a tired anger in his eyes. As the man was about to speak, he shut himself up when he saw the revolver Twain held. Silence filled the room. Of which Twain found annoying, an suprise to himself. He never thought he would find silence from a man like Loke Pahauko could ever be annoying, yet even in silence the man was so.

“What? No witty remark? Have you already accepted your death?” Twain said jokingly. But he got no response. Slight frown on his face, as he saw his old friend and mentor, just stare defiantly at him. No words, not the slightest sound coming from him. Of which allowed anger to grow on Twain. As he pointed his revolver towards Loke’s right knee. “Still wanna act tough? Fine.” Twain said as he pulled the trigger, and the yell from Loke was loud enough that it echoed in the hall. Where even the janitor would probably have heard it. As a mass amount of blood dripped on the cold grey floor, covering the dry blood that was there beforehand.

Hearing the gunshot Erne smiled. This was a commander she could work with! Gets things done himself and with no hesitation. Erne took a small napkin out of her pocket and held it up to her face before spitting her gum into it, and folding it with perfect precision before placing it into a pocket in her overcoat. Out of a different pocket she took out a small notebook and began writing notes. She looked over at Jade, “Just making sure I remember the very good impression President Twain is giving me. Its always best to make sure you know your employer.”

Jade rolled her eyes, as she looked back at the monitor. Seeing the clear pain on Loke’s face, a reminder of the pain she has seen Loke do towards others. The memories of Loke beating up socialist lady, in a warehouse. Though glaring similarities between back then and now there were clear differences. First is that Twain was not enjoying himself as much as Loke did, when he beat and battered that poor woman. No, Jade could see just the smallest parts of hesitance in Twain. Though it was overcome by anger, and hatred. While Loke had no hesitance during his bringing of “justice” as he put it. If Jade had any knowledge of psychology she might have analysed if  Loke was a psychopath or not. Though it mattered little, she is simply happy that she did not have to deal with him. Second difference from this and the situation in the warehouse, all those years ago, was that Loke despite every drop of blood dripping out, never begged. She could only guess that it is because Loke has experienced the same pains before. Which it all gives shivers down her spine. The statement of, “Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young”, has never rung truer then with this old man.

The groans of pain were heard audibly from Loke.

“Man, finally you’re breaking the silence!” Twain said with annoyance in his voice, as he poked Loke’s left cheek with his revolver, making Loke flinch a little. As he gritted his teeth.

“You bastard.” Loke said groaning. Though as he saw Twain give a slight smirk, Loke looked up with his own smirk, as he still gritted his teeth. “Just like your father” and as he left out those words, Twain pulled the trigger again, this time having quickly pointed his revolver towards Loke’s shoulder. With it being so close that it also rang in Loke’s ears. Though also ringing in Twain’s ears he has put on some small ear dots for protection. Not enough to dampen the ringing completely, but enough so that he can still hear tomorrow.

“You are of little use to me, we have already gathered all the information you have hidden.” Twain said, as pointed his revolver towards Loke’s chest. “Though for the sake of our old friendship, I’ll give you some final words before I kill you for treason”. This statement made Loke glare at Twain as he tried to stand up with no avail.

“Friendship? Treason? Make it sound like you talking about yourself. You have betrayed our country with your decisions, you have betrayed our party and you have betrayed me. So don’t lecture me about treason, Twain.” Loke said with clear venom. “You might blame the murder of your mother on me, but it was entirely yo-” and before Loke could state anything, three gun shots could be heard. One hitting Loke in his stomach, the next towards his chest with the bullet going through ribs, and last towards his skull. 
The bullet went through his skull and out the other end, leaving a trail of brain organs as the bullet only stopped when it hit the metal wall. With the body of Loke lying lifeless on the metal floor, as blood flows out of the body, filling the floor. Twain lets out a sigh as he picks up his phone ringing to Jade. With Jade picking it up as fast as she could

“You can talk to the general about the terms and plans I trust you on this. I am going to go switch some clothes before taking the rest of the night off.” As Twain said that he was about to put down his phone, but stated one more thing. “You should also get the janitor to wash this mess:” As he ended the phone call, and left the room. Walking down the hall away from the room where Jade and Erne were in.

10th October, 1370 ADN (2020), Dvalheim, Vinby

Sverre gives out a deep sigh as his left hand pinches the bridge of his nose, and in right hand an phone.

“How many people died in the most recent terrorist attack?” He asked calmly, or so it would seem in his tone for those who did not know or did not work for the High Councilman. In reality it is as an hidden anger in his tone, of a man that could tell you of how much he hated you with the most calm and stoic tone. Luckly for Alvida Sverdter she knew not to be tricked by the calmness in his tone.

“I-It is 15 people, sir. 2 soldiers, 9 police officers and 4 civilians. These socialists insurgencies seemed to be well trained, our scouts seems to report that most seems to be former Tieresh Soldiers.” She stated quickly, and with certainty in her voice.

“So are they being sent by the Tieresh Goverment? That would go against the Treaty of Tyrsdal.” Sverre asked curious. The treaty was only made 9 months ago, If Twain was dumb enough to do that would mean Sverre could ask his brother to finnaly send more Norgsveltian troops to be stationed at the border. Maybe even convince him to finnaly end Twain’s regime.

“No.” Alvida said chrusing Sverre’s idea to topple the Tieresh goverment. “It seems more that they deserted the Tieresh Army, and refused to move away from the lands in the South.”

“That is quite concerning, is any country supporting them?” Sverre asked.

“No, atleast not from any goverments.” Alvida stated, again quickly and with proffesionalism in tone.

“Hmmm, alright. Send me those reports when you have time, we need to constantly update those numbers.” Sverre stated calm and cold in his tone again.

“Yes, Sir!”

“Have a good day miss Sverdter, you are our leading general in the south, do your best.” Sverre stated as he ended the phone call. As he did he groaned in annoyance as he hit his desk with his fist, and several papers on it scattered around from the impact. After a few minutes to try calming himself down, he looks at the scattered papers. Seeing a symbol of a red star and a rifle under it. With it is all the info they have yet about the socialists insurgencies or specificaly, socialists that follow a Social Nationalist rethoric.

Name: The Revolutionary Social Front.

Leader: Manki Salaheri

Ideology: Left Wing Nationalism

Locations: Teirland

Numbers: 10,000-15,000

Goal: Ending Dvalian occupation.

Frown formed on Sverre’s lips as he looked at end of the report. Anger already building up again.

“Martial Law shall be extended, no matter what the Council might say.” Sverre stated to himslef, as he wrote up the executive order to extend Martial Law in the southern regions. The orginal idea was it to end in December, the new date for it to end, is not until the end of 2021. 
The High Councilman is determined to protect his country, no matter the cost may be. Not Twain, not the council and nor could even his own brother convince him otherwise.