Fantasy F1

Would anyone be interested in playing a Fantasy Formula 1 game this year? It’s very low commitment, just 2 names roughly once a fortnight.

Expressions of (dis)interest and/or any comments on the rules are welcome.

The RL Sport
The season runs from March to November, with 19 races worldwide in 2014. Most races are a fortnight apart, with a few 3- or 1-week gaps. See for details. There are 11 teams, each with 2 regular drivers. Occasionally substitute drivers are used (for example Heike Kovelainen last year). The drivers win points based on the finishing position in the race as follows:[ul]
[li] 1st - 25 points
[li] 2nd -18
[li] 3rd - 15
[li] 4th -12
[li] 5th - 10
[li] 6th - 8
[li] 7th - 6
[li] 8th - 4
[li] 9th - 2
[li]10th - 1
[/li][/ul](Last year 18 of the 23 drivers won at least 1 point.)

Fantasy League rules:[ol]
[li] Prior to each race, players choose 2 drivers.
[li] Each driver may only be picked twice over the whole season.
[li] Picks must be posted by the Friday before the race, no later than 5 hours after final practice.
[li] If no choice is made, then the two lowest-ranked eligible drivers will be assigned. The rankings as displayed on…nship/standings will be used for this purpose. Any unranked substitute driver is assumed to be at the bottom of the list.
[li] The players win points based on the classification of ‘their’ drivers at the end of the race as per the table above. Any subsequent penalties or disqualifications are not applied to the fantasy league score.

For interest
Mathematically, a total of 817 is possible, but that would require at least 10 different drivers to win one race each (9 of them twice), and another set of different drivers to place second. This is is extremely unlikely, and picking them all would be amazing. In practice, I predict the winning score will be well under 300

Proposed rule changes and clarifications - comments welcome.

  1. If no choice is posted, or an invalid choice of driver is made, then the lowest-ranked eligible driver(s) will be assigned. The rankings as displayed on will be used for this purpose. Any unranked substitute driver is assumed to be at the bottom of the list.

  2. Driver choices may be amended up to the deadline, but the player should make it clear that this has happened. (A new post is preferred to an edit.)

  3. In the RL sport, double points will be awarded for the final race (and possibly others). This will not apply to the fantasy league - all races will use the table above.

  4. If a race is cancelled for any reason (e.g. Sochi), then no fantasy points will be awarded, and any pre-registered driver picks will be available for other races.


For those who have not yet posted - picks for Melbourne are due this Friday.

Since no-one has signed up, this thread is now closed for entrants. If anyone wants to join in later in the season, please contact me on the