Federation of New Allied Australia

The Federation Australia was created after the nuclear attacks on Australia.
Based on Melbourne, Victoria, our government has slowly rescuing all of the land of the north. We continue to work on our government, our elections will be held in spring.
The first Prime Minister of Federation Australia is Clinton Truong former Victoria Governor.
He continues to help the nation grow even after the horrible events in October.
Much of its administration is made up of former Australia Defence Force Intelligence (ADFI) employees.
The Federation Australia was born of a desire to create a much more powerful government and would consist of a stronger military from preventing any attack happening again. Because most of the Australian Government was located at Canberra Parliament House during the attacks, most of the successors to the Prime Minister were all killed, leaving the line of succession unclear.
All of the states of Australia split because of confusion and debates of supply sharing.
Truong, among the leaders rose from the ground and rose to power to eventually create the Federation of New Allied Australia.
The Federation Australia is well on its way to the goal of forming a new government given extreme power in order to “Keep Australia Safe” from foreign
and domestic enemies.

In the time of darkness, comes a light.
One which cannot be extinguished without a fight.
My citizen, we are fighting, we have fought for the past six months and we have saved our nation.
We have withstood the hardest test that our world has ever seen.
We are again reuniting the grand title of Australia.
We are again joining together our union, with a new flag, with a deeper meaning.
We can continue to help the peoples of Australia.
So we can prevent something like this ever happening again.
We must continue to rebuild our nation and look forward to a brighter future.

-Prime Minister Clinton Truong

On behalf of the Kandarin Federation and the Confederated East Pacific, I welcome you back to the regional community.