Flag Request for Alrindor

I have a request…I guess I’ll make it specific to make it easier…or harder…hopefully easier :blink:

Normal sized flag, just whatever works…

Black background, with a circle-type seal in the middle, raised above the background. It’d be cool if the seal had small points extending out of it…kinda like a mini-compass rose…I think the diameter should be just around 1/3 of the width of the flag…whatever works…

And if possible, a rim around the seal…like a white rim with a lens flare effect…(I know how to work Photoshop and stuff…but I’m not too good with it)

And in the very center part of the seal, probably a dark background with some sort of dragon head silouhette, or dragon figure…I got two pictures uploaded as examples for heads/body images, but they aren’t very good at all…they’re basically just random ones…

And if you have other pictures that would work better, that’s probably the better choice :slight_smile:

Anyways, if there’s anything too restrictive on it, feel free to drop that part…whatever works…and feel free to change stuff around if it ends up being too hard…or whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks a bunch beforehand

Is anyone working on it, or was it just ignored? :unsure:

If it’s too hard, then go ahead and ignore the difficult parts…

Im on it I just havnt done any in a few days.

here ya is

Awesome…thanks a bunch loop :slight_smile:

A lot better than I expected :ph43r:

I tried to emboss it and lens flare it but it either made it too big, or just plain Ugly