Flag request - Loop if possible

Questions first, actually. I haven’t been able to see any of the flags in the galleries or finished flags - only a few here and there in the individual requests. Do you need some kind of special registration to be able to see them??

And, should my request be answered, how do I get my finished flag if I can’t see it?? :huh:

Damn forums have been hanging up on me all day anyways. Grr.

So, to the core of the subject. The Free Nation of Castel-Azur is putting an official request for an artist to design its flag. Mr Infinite Loop has been greatly recommended.

A 300x200 size would be convenient.

Ideally, the flag would incorporate the following elements: a sword, a white rose, a castle/tower, and a lute/harp. As this may be a bit graphic intensive, here are a couple of alternatives:

  • crossed rose and sword behind/under a white wolf head (facing the viewer), probably on a black background.
  • Light blue castle/tower on a white background, gold lining of the flag, possibly in a celtic motif frise.

Feel free to adapt these guidelines to your vision.

We will be delighted to hear from you, at your convenient time.

The Free Nation’s Touristic Brochure can be found at the following adress:

past flags are broke and will not be back :frowning:

Yeah for some reason Invision purged our uploads, If I could remember who had wat I would replace them, but I cannot, I cannot recall which ones were where in my own gallery, Im gonna reupload my own gallery as soon as I get a moment,

Ill try to do your flag sunday,
PM me if I forget K.

Ah! This explains a lot. I wasn’t sure because I wasn’t even getting the little red x icon for broken link…

Well, never mind then. Thank you mr Loop, the Castel-Azur Government looks forward to your contribution. B)

Oooh! I like it!! Thanks a lot!! :smiley:

Erm… I mean, the Government of the Free Nation of Castel-Azur is grateful, Mr Loop.

(Can nations hug, d’you think? :stuck_out_tongue: )