Flag Request

I made mine using paint and then converted it to JPEG with a filter… it’s a good filter, but still. I’d like to have my flag redone so it’s sharper and better looking. If that’s okay with you.

And, if you’ve still got time left over, look at my flag, Mevamasha’s flag, and try and come up with one for our Zion Colony, Seonasha.

how is this

Not exactly what I had in mind. Thanks anyway, you can delete this thread now.

I prefer to work with a good description, if ya want toss one on here, then I will redo it.

Hahahha I made a kind of funky flag for ya.

And here’s one for your colony, with your national bird on it.

Of course, they both suck, because I took no time to make them, basically, so you can juss ignore em. :slight_smile: