flag request

No problem, I’m patient.


allrighty, Ill see what I can do, I wont be working on flags for a day or two to allow a que of around 10 or so to build up.

I need a flag for Nation States.

I want it to look like the Japanese war flag, but use yellow in place of red and black in place of white. make the center ball be the classic type smiley face.

That’s all. Thank you.


here ya go,

It looks good, but could you reduce the size to be the same as that of regular NationStates flags. And if it isn’t too much touble, do you think it needs a thin black border around the smiley face?

Thank you,

Hahahah I’m totally stealing Loop’s work here… but I have nothing else to do. And it’s really a great flag.

I like that you darkened up the eyes, but now that I have seen it, I think it does look better without the line. Also the smile didn’t need to be touched up any, but thank you for the effort.

However, the size problem still remains. I want it in the smaller size of the default NationStates flags so that it doesn’t push the country’s name into a weird position.

The Armed Republic of the Smiling Jihad