Flag request.

I’d just like to see what any of you can do for me. I’m looking for something that reflects my nation (perhaps a tidbit from my nation’s history if you know any of it, if you’re ambitious you can read up on it here: NationStates | create your own country , or perhaps just the letter ‘X’), yet contains something decidedly communist (the U.S.S.R. flag’s symbol, perhaps?). I’d like it to be somewhat colorful, but not overly so (make it look like something that isn’t impossible to mass-produce as an actual sewed-together flag, this will fly over almost every official Xanthalian building as well as patriotic homes), and relatively (but not too) simplistic. I know that’s a lot to think about, but I ask only that you do your best. If I like the final product, it will most likely fly as my nation’s flag until the day of it’s deletion.

By the way… If you have any questions for me while you are in the process feel free to post them here. I’ll revisit these boards frequently until my flag shows up.

How’s this?

oops. I forgot the Commie symbol… I’ll repost it in a sec

Here you go. Complete with hammer-and-sickles. If you don’t like it I’ll redo it; I respect your country and I’m glad to help.

Hmm… Okay, let’s just try a few things to see how they work. Could you put a “balance of judgement” symbol (you know, that “olde tyme” scale thing that a statue of a woman holds up in front of some courthouses… Don’t add the woman though) under the central ‘X’? It should probably be black.

Also, add some text for me. Along the top, add the phrase “The Great Society” in flowing script of some sort. Write “Freedom” along the inner, dark red vertical bar on the left and “Equality” along in the same fashion on the inner right bar. The words “Freedom” and “Equality” should be in black font, but choose a font that draws attention to them also as they are the central values of Xanthalian society. Make sure people will notice them, but don’t make them so obvious that they draw attention from the rest of the flag. Whatever font you choose for them, make sure it’s the same for both. They don’t need to be the same font/style as “The Great Society” though.

^That was me, by the way. One more thing, if at all possible could you find out how to write “The Great Society” in latin and write it that way?

Problem: My computer doesn’t recognize the file type of the flags you’re making.

^Disregard that, I figured out a way around the problem.