Flag request

300x200 (my standard size) <=== This size

Basically I would like a coloured flag with a catperson (check Slagkattunger current flag for an example of the catperson I would like) and the name Slagkattunger on it.

Color…what ever looks nice to you (But no pink!).

Basically I want some one who sees it to say “Wow!” :o

PS Slagkattunger means Battle Kitten :smiley:

Ill have to look through my cat girl folder but I believe I have teh perfect cat girl for your flag, did you see any of mine in the gallery here?
almost all have at girls on them.

Ill get to work on it.

:smiley: sure did! thats why I asked you :lol: Have to say I prefer the catgirls over the catboys.

I had to search all my cat girl folders (le t me asure ya you dont want to knwo how many pics that is) but I found her, I will startt on it tonight.

I like it…WD (Oh btw just in time as some mod thought my flag had nudity on it:blink: it didn’t but I think I know why.)

well your cat girl did have blatant nipples, and with it being monochrome, it is kinds hard to tell if she is wearing a shirt. glad ya like the new one,