Flag Request

My Flag is simple request, can you just take my original flag:

1: Take it down to 300x200, it’s too blurry in it’s current state.
2:Ok, this is a bit hard, what I’m looking for is a Pheonix like creature or large bird wioth wings spread in red on the left side and a serpent/dargon like creature in red also in the left side. Both facing the Emblem.
To do this, you might have to make the emblem smaller and widen the black bits.

Thanks loop and/or anyone that might do this.Hopes is isn’t hated by anyone here

Opps, the bird on the Left, the Dragon/Serpent on the right.

hows this??
in order to get it looking pretty good, I cvouldnt keep it top size had ot make it a bit smaller.

Thanks, I’ll use it for now.

If you have time, if you, just scrape the emblem and put a entirly different Imperial Emlbem one in.

Here is another picture of it, it just to big. You can just make it red, It’ll fit the dragons

Hetre are some others, again thank you for doing the first flag. Use you imagation and swap and custom in these other custom Imperial flags.