Flag requests infotmation

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The NS flag service is resurected, it now operates out of the East Pacific off site forum, currently it is only me working there, however anyone with flag making skills is welcome to join,
I ask that only one request per person at a time, as I am the only person operating it for the time being, so please stop by should you need one,

*note, I will only make flags tha fit the legal definitions of NS flags, IE NO swasticas, or other stuff Violet and Max have ruled illegal, such as gratuitus nekidness, or whatnot.

for applicants for work, if you are good, I will put a specific forum for persons to directly request work from you.

for persons needing flags, here are my guidlines

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0, please post your request in the Ep offsite forum, in the NS Flag service category, I dont want to see the tech forum here lagged down,
1, please be patient, as I am currently alone,
2, please specify flag size, 107x71 (stock) 300x200 (my standard size)
    there might be a slight size modification if you choose 300x200 as I
    have to modify the size to keep a decent resolution,
3, describe what you want, and I will do my best to make it, for example
    text you want on it, style of script, colors, specific images on it,
    and a link to something similar if you ar ehaving trouble descrbing it.
4, your flag when done, will be posted in teh EP forum, so be sure to check
    it often as I usually work in sporatic hours and in bursts of several
    flags at a time.
5, also, as an Unpaid, Freelance Artist, I reserve the right to refuse any flag job for any reason, Photoshoppers Perogative, (to date I have only refused two flags one was a potential TOS violation, the other for Moral reasons)

— End quote

The Address,
Loop stats,
to date I have made, nearly 200 flags,
usual turnaround time at peak business, 24 hours
average resolution, 300x200 at 5k

[note ther may be modifications to this post if necessary]

also the above topic categories are for requests from specific artisans, although they can do any flag they see here, I will only troll the main part, and cover them as I can.

I downloaded a gif animation tool, exparimenting with it, however I soubt I will work in animation flags, https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592185.5641-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

Note, for all flag requests, I will oly do ones in teh bottom half of the forum, I will not do the ones posted in the Upper parts as those areas are specifically for the Artists named in the topics, however if any of our artists wish to do ones seen in this lower part, they are free to do so.


Important addendum, if you can post a link to your nation in your request, there is a link at the bottom of your nation page just copy and past the address in your request.

I ask this in case your flag isnt picked up by say wednesday I cna easily let ya know it is done.

Also, registered posters may want to click the email notification button below the message box so that you can be immeadiatly alerted when I put it up.