From Loonacy with Love

Hello, from the Federation of Loonacy. I am SirPattyIII, (Patrick in RL)

I wish to have a bit of fun here and there… but normally do not get too far from my loonatics. (As that may very well be detremental to… most everything.) I run an upcoming group of Imperialists. Whos intent is to bring action back to regions and keep action in my own region… by playing war games with other regions. (weither or not they are aware they are playing.)

I plan on starting a chapter of my XIII Division of Rouge Dragoons, an elite group of soldiers that no matter where their nationality lays… can operate in an active and progressive manner (while following orders of course). in TEP… I cannot think of too much more to say on that.

I hope to have good relations with TEP… :slight_smile: From the great Federation of Loonacy… I bid you salutations.

hi SirPatty! We’ve already met somewhere, if I’m not mistaken. But I don’t think we’ve met as you were representing loonacy. hmm.

well, welcome! :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact you did know me before. lol… Back when I started the Dragoons the first time. I had a chapter with you guys. Why don’t you get on msn anymore?